My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen.

If ever I talk about a dish that you want more info on, let me know and I’ll do my best to elaborate!

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Pork is always a good deal so guess what we had… Slow roast pork and crackling. It’s always a crowd (of two) pleaser and relatively low maintenance. Instead of blasting the joint as I used to do for about 30 minutes to try and start the crackling, I just put it in on low, about 150 degrees centigrade with a view to dealing with the crackling later.

To go with the pork I made roast potatoes (proper ones) in the usual way, peel, par boil, rough ‘em up, sprinkle with a little semolina, season and roast until crunchy on the outside, fluffy inside. There is almost nothing better.

Next I made celery gratin, talked about previously here, but instead of my favourite leeks, I used onions. Lastly I steamed carrots, and baked two cored eating apples. I much prefer the apples that way rather than buying Bramley’s cooking apples and adding a ton of sugar.

When the pork was cooked I whipped off the un-crackled top and shoved it under a medium grill, taking care not to let it burn. It’s not an exact science but I chopped bits off as they crisped up, it took about ten minutes. Much less stressful than trying to crackle it on the joint!

I made a cheats gravy, thickening the meat juices with instant chicken granules because I had a lot going on!

Somehow I managed to get everything out once, had a great meal, forgot to take a pic, and we had leftovers… more later!


I wanted easy, because, you know… Monday, so I found a recipe online for Mediterranean roast potatoes. The ingredients were roasted together, there wasn’t too much prep, so it was ideal. I planned to serve the veg with fish, and with that in mind C came home with frozen salmon fillets. I’ve never really had success cooking frozen fish to serve as is; it always ends up with the white film which makes it look really unattractive. So this time I followed the instructions to the LETTER. I was off to a losing start though, because one fillet was mahoosive and the two I had were teeny. Anyway, I followed the instructions, cooking them from frozen in tin foil with a little lemon and oil, and by the time the middle was warm, the edges were milky, which is not what I wanted, but they tasted fine. The veg worked well and was great for Monday ease. I’ll definitely be doing that again.


Okay… I’d been craving mashed potatoes like you wouldn’t believe, so this was the day that craving would be satiated. And what better way to do it than sausage, mash, and onion gravy. I started early by caramelising sliced onions. I cooked them on low, for hours, whilst working. Nearer the time I took the onions from the pan and gently fried the sausages until brown. I then removed them to a baking dish to finish off in the oven. In the pan I’d cooked the sausages in I added the onions and a couple of dessert spoons of plain flour, stirring that for a while before adding water and a stock cube, I used beef. I just let that simmer until the gravy was thick and the onions were melting.

You all know how do make mash, I happen to use a ricer, and my favourite way of cooking the potatoes is baking them first, then ricing the middles, but I didn’t have time today so I boiled and riced, then added seasoning, milk, and my favourite dairy free spread.

The plump brown sausages paired with the creamy mash, and topped with onion gravy are a match made in heaven. And because we’re grown ups I sautéed savoy cabbage to accompany my craving quasher.


… Our guest was due, and I had leftover pork. Inspired by rice noodles I thought I would test my pad thai-ish on WedJ. I know he will eat almost anything but he’s a good test subject, and gives feedback. Now… I love Chinese roast pork, and although I couldn’t properly replicate it as I was using leftover pork, I thought I would attempt to give it that vibe, so early on in the day I sliced the pork and tossed it in five spice powder and let it sit in the fridge.

I prepped what I could beforehand, including omelette which I just make with egg and light soy, and the liquor for the stir-fry. I think I’ve said this before but the combination of soy, garlic, chilli, fish sauce, and tamarind would make an old shoe taste good! I also defrosted a few cooked and peeled prawns, bashed a handful of peanuts, sliced spring onions, fresh mint and coriander, and also savoy cabbage which I needed to use up.

At dinner time I started by soaking the rice noodles in boiling water. I needed to soak the noodles for 7 minutes, that’s how quick the dish cooks! Next I heated my pan, added a little oil, and then dumped in the spring onions and cabbage, then the pork and the liquor. I stir fried that for a few moments before adding the omelette and the prawns. When the noodles were just soft enough strained them into a colander, then chucked them in with the rest, stirring well. At the end I added the coriander and peanuts, but left the mint because husband doesn’t like it. I served the noodles then sprinkled sesame seeds on all, and mint on mine and WedJ’s meal to be stirred through before eating.

Now… back to the pork. I don’t know what happened… but a combination of the five spice and the liquor really gave more than a ‘Chinese roast pork’ vibe, it was a real feeling. My husband commented as he ate, and I’d not told him I wanted to give that effect. Success!!!


… I’ve been messing about with ground turkey, and to that end I decided to make turkey burgers to see if they could come anywhere near a beef burger. The turkey we get from our supermarket is quite course ground, which I like, and I started with that but improvised with the rest. With the turkey in the mixing bowl I noted it seemed wetter than ground beef so I whizzed up white bread until I had breadcrumbs and added that along with an egg. I stuck with good old salt and pepper for the seasoning, but I did add a good sprinkling of chilli flakes, because why wouldn’t you! I took a little of the mixture and fried it off so I could test the seasoning and it was bang on, which was lucky, so I moulded the mixture patties and stuck them in the fridge till needed.

At dinner time I gently fried the burgers, then finished them off in the oven, adding cheddar cheese for the last few minutes. I served the burgers in flat side toasted sesame seed bun with lettuce, onion, and a little mayo. I added ketchup whilst eating, and served the burger with oven fries.

So… as an experiment, I definitely wouldn’t miss the beef, the burger was delicious! Husband enjoyed it, said it ‘was different’ from beef. Well… yeah! 😉


… I used my magic spice mix and dried methi leaves to make a methi (fenugreek) chicken and potato curry. I usually like to make a separate Bombay aloo but my head was really bad. I used some principles that I’ve been practicing, such as cooking sliced onions until soft then whizzing them up with chilli, garlic, ginger, and a little oil. That mixture is then cooked out until the oil splits away. The spices are added and the process is repeated, at that point I add the chicken, potatoes, methi leaves, salt, and water to cover; then let it simmer away before adding green peppers. The onions being whizzed makes a lovely gravy, and the whole thing is lifted at the end with fresh coriander.

I served the curry with boiled basmati rice to which I added grated raw carrot just before I strained said rice. I love this find, the carrot brings new texture and flavour!


… Leftovers! Curry!

Sausage, mash, & Onion Gravy, Pad Thai-ish, turkey burger, methi chicken curry & carrot basmati rice
Sausage, mash, & Onion Gravy, Pad Thai-ish, turkey burger, methi chicken curry & carrot basmati rice
My mad weekly kitchen diary