My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen.

If ever I talk about a dish that you want more info on, let me know and I’ll do my best to elaborate!

Larger image below
Larger image below


I decided, instead of a Sunday roast, that we would have a Sunday steak. We don’t have steak often because it’s expensive so as Sunday is the day for special dinner, it’s a good day for the occasional steak!

I couldn’t be bothered though, to make onion rings, which really is a must with steak. Now, husb had a steak when we went out for a meal recently and instead of onion rings they served caramelised onions. This sounded like a good idea, and I always keep two (three if you count spring onions) types of onion, red and mild (Spanish) onion. So… I halved and sliced two mild onions which are very large, and put them in a cold pan with a little oil and seasoning and just put a lid on and left them on low. This was hours before dinner needed to be ready because I like to do as much as I can ahead. When they were soft and delicious I added a little butter and with the lid off, let them brown. At this point I took them off the heat for later. At dinner time I reheated the onions and added just a splash of white wine vinegar.

I did garlic mushrooms too before hand, I’ve mentioned them so many times on here that I’m not going to again! I also baked fresh tomato halves sprinkled with salt and pepper, and dried rosemary. If I’m baking a tomato, I always do them this way because they are so delicious.

You may have gathered I was in ‘can’t be bothered to cook’ mode, so I didn’t do a black pepper cream sauce either, I wanted to be able to have horseradish, and the two don’t mix!

The usual suspects made up the rest of the dinner; chips and petits pois and when I plated up I served the steak on the onions so you can’t really see them in the picture, but they worked so well I will be doing that again!


So we’re still experimenting with pizza and anything remotely close, so today we were going to try pizza, and the garlic bread you get from the pizza shop. The ones we use never seem to show the garlic bread any garlic at all, so it was a given I would tray and make it. I’m scared of a lot of things but garlic isn’t one of them!

The bread machine pizza dough recipe that I use makes enough for two pizzas so it’s ideal for this. The pizza was a pepperoni pizza with onion and peppers, and for the garlic bread I crushed four cloves of garlic in a small bowl and added olive oil and seasoning.

Super duper counter top pizza oven
Super duper counter top pizza oven

At dinner time I rolled out the dough and made up the pizza first, and after cooking that in our super duper pizza oven we put it on a tray in a warm oven and put the garlic bread the SDOven to cook. At some point we lifted the lid and the bread had ballooned and caught a tad, but that ended up being my favourite piece! I served the pizza with a basic salad.


We bought a teeny chicken and husband cooked it in his rotisserie. I know he puts lemon inside, because I always use the carcass for stock and I have to discard the lemon so as not to make the stock bitter, other than that though he uses a secret blend of herbs. I served his delicious chicken with salad and a baked potato topped with the onions left over from Sunday, which was also a perfect match!


… I had ground beef so wanted to try a Korean beef recipe I found on Pinterest, if you post a picture of something with rice, chances are it’ll draw me in! I almost followed the recipe, I just had to substitute the sesame oil for sunflower oil, oh, and I had mushrooms to use up so I added those, and also a fresh read chilli. It was really quick, and it was something I’ll do again!


… A gold old British favourite… fish and chips! I didn’t batter the fish, but we bought good oven bake battered fish, I made the mushy peas and the oven chips though, and the oven chips have been a revelation. The peas are easy peasy, you just soak fried marrowfat overnight with a little bicarb, then rinse and boil, in this instance, until they’re mushy.

For the oven chips I cut baking potatoes into chips then par boiled them for about six minutes, just until they lose that raw feel when you poke them with a knife, then I take them off the heat and leave them in the water that’s seasoned with salt and scented with rosemary. I don’t have a time for steeping them, I think it was about an hour, but depending on the par boil you wouldn’t want them breaking up. If they are just off raw though that shouldn’t happen. Anyway… after steeping I drained and dried them well, then brushed each side with olive oil and placed the chips on a baking tray. When needed I bunged them in the oven and roasted for about forty minutes, until cooked. The only problem with the chips is that, at this time of year potatoes are really sweet, so the brown on the chip is more of a black because of the sugars. The chips were delicious though, regardless. I served the fish, chips, and mushy peas with a wedge of lemon and lots of tartare sauce!


… I wanted to continue testing the secret curry spice mix I found in my dad’s book, and tweaked a few weeks ago. Diced beef was on offer so I was using that.

This time with the curry I wanted to follow the procedure for methi gosht. So… I sliced the onions and cooked them down for ages until soft and melty, I then put them in the food processor with a little more oil, a fresh red chilli, a knub of ginger, four cloves of garlic (my default setting for garlic appears to be four cloves), and half a tin of tomatoes. I whizzed the contents well then poured them back in the pan and sautéed until the oil split from the mix, I then added the spices mentioned in the previous post, and again waited for the oil to split. At this point I added the meat, water and salt, after half an hour I added potato too, which saved me from making Bombay Aloo! The curry was just left to do its thing then for an hour or so, until the meat was tender, potatoes cooked, and the sauce was thick and dark, which is my FAVOURITE type of curry! I served the curry with basmati rice and poppadoms.


… Leftovers! Curry! Yum! Curry, or anything cooked in a dark sauce, always tastes even better the next day!

Steak and chips, homemade pizza, homemade garlic bread, rotisserie chicken, Korean beef, fish chips & mushy peas, beef and potato curry
Steak and chips, homemade pizza, homemade garlic bread, rotisserie chicken, Korean beef, fish chips & mushy peas, beef and potato curry


My mad weekly kitchen diary

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