The EU Referendum – I’d like to say it was nice knowing you…

So it’s nearly over. At the time of writing the polling stations are open and hopefully the people of U.K are voting on the EU referendum.

I would like to say that it was a great run up, with both sides putting their points across with good grace, listening to opposing views and conceding occasionally that the opposition ‘have a point’.  I suppose what I wanted was a little objectivity. What we got though, with few exceptions, was negative rhetoric and blindly recited narrative. If you are debating, I’m not going to be convinced that what is coming out of your mouth is what you believe if you have to read a sheet of paper.

The referendum campaigning frankly, has been horrible, and this is coming from a person who watches the shenanigans in PMQs. You should all (mostly) be ashamed of yourselves. Scaremongering, doom and gloom, buses and posters. Come on! I credited you all (mostly) with more intelligence.

I was so excited about the EU referendum, actually getting a chance to use my vote in a momentous decision. But you all (mostly) ruined it for me.

It started badly with who you chose to front the respective campaigns. You PICKED THE WRONG PEOPLE GUYS!

Rightly or wrongly most of the spokespeople are viewed by a lot of the voters’ negatively. I imagine some voters’ ticking or crossing (I haven’t voted yet, going later) the ‘OUT’ box because Mr Cameron wants us to be ‘IN’*, and some voters’ ticking or crossing the ‘IN’ box because Mr Farage wants us to be out. Bubble voters’ do that sort of thing.

The Prime Minister should NEVER have been at the front, and I believe both side needed alkaline spokespeople, but then maybe the whole campaign would have been different.

And Mr Cameron, you said last year that you would want to leave if you didn’t get a good deal. Well, you didn’t get a good deal. It’s a rubbish deal, and all of the watered down changes made will probably be overturned by the powers that be when they need to. Yet here we are with you preaching fire, brimstone and world war three should the outcome be ‘leave’. I’m VERY disappointed in the way you have behaved during this referendum.

For the sake of objectivity I have followed people from both sides on Twitter, and with few exceptions the tweets are filled with ‘lies! Rubbish! Bulls**t! when the other side was putting its point across, whilst filling my timeline with lies, damn lies, and statistics, with scaremongering and semantics thrown in.

So I’ll go and vote today with a feeling of relief that it’s nearly over. I’m happy at least that I didn’t listen to most of the debates because of the ‘Boris bashing’, and… lies, damn lies, and semantics. I found the information I needed to make myself believe that I will feel well informed when I make my mark.

Finally… the light in all of the doom and gloom, the optimist amongst the pessimists was MEP Daniel Hannan, so thanks for that Mr Hannan, It’s a shame you weren’t at the head of your campaign.

The EU Referendum – I’d like to say it was nice knowing you…

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