Confused? No wonder!

The build up to the EU Referendum on the 23rd of June is doing my head in. Seriously. So many supposedly intelligent people giving us misinformation. Stop it.

Now… This is not an EU Referendum partisan article, and I’m not a politician, or a scholar, so I shouldn’t be giving you a lesson, but I will. BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL DOING MY HEAD IN!!

Lesson 1…

The EU in ‘EU’ stands for EUROPEAN UNION, not EUROPE.

Lesson 2…

  • The EU is a group of 28 countries
  • EUROPE is a continent comprising 50 countries
  • 22 countries in EUROPE are not in the EUROPEAN UNION.

Lesson 3…

The EU Referendum is a vote for the U.K to stay in, or leave, the EUROPEAN UNION. ie. STAY a member of the EU, or STOP being a member of the EU.

Lesson 4…

The U.K cannot leave EUROPE because that would involve a lot of digging, and a logistical nightmare to reposition the U.K near another continent.

Lesson 5…

In or out of the E.U, the U.K can enter Euro 20whatever, and – sadly, or happily, depending on your opinion – the Eurovision song contest, because we are and always will be in EUROPE.


So… with these FACTS in mind, dear politician… when a constituent says that they ‘don’t want to be EUROPEAN’ and want to vote to leave the EU, make sure to INFORM them that even if the U.K votes to leave the E.U, they will, sadly for them, still be a EUROPEAN.


And, dear politician… when someone says that they want to vote to stay in ‘because they like being EUROPEAN’, make sure to inform them that, hurrah! They still will be EUROPEAN even if the U.K leaves the EU.

If you don’t do as I’ve suggested you are misleading us lesser mortals. But mislead us you probably will, because it’s more of an advantage for those campaigning for ‘Remain’ to leave people thinking we would have to ‘leave EUROPE’.


So… From politicians to broadcasters’ to news anchors. Please get the semantics right. It’s an important distinction.



Confused? No wonder!

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