My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen, whilst trying to get the best out of leftovers.

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Larger image below


… C wanted to cook a rotisserie chicken so who am I to stop him! The only downside is he likes to bake oven chips to go with it, but it’s okay once in a while. He did though, push the boat out and made gravy with the jus from the chicken, water and instant gravy! 😉 Regardless of the sides the chicken was de-lish. He does make THE BEST rotisserie chicken.


… I made an error with the shopping list and left peppers on two weeks running, the end result being a glut of peppers. This isn’t horrible news to me but I did need to use them quickly so I decided on peperonata with potatoes as I felt that would go nicely with the gammon steaks we needed to use also. I mostly followed a recipe for what is basically a pepper and potato stew, and it worked really well. I heaped the stew on the plate because the gammon was small, but the stew was the best part of the meal anyway! I grilled the gammon before serving.


… Minced pork was on special offer so I wanted to try a dish that I’d come up with but using minced turkey previously. My reasoning is that stuffing goes well with turkey and pork so it was worth a shot. To make the turkey pork and stuffing loaf I made up a good sprinkle of boxed sage and onion stuffing with water whilst sautéing a leek. After cooling both of those components I added them to the minced pork, mixed well, then fried off a little to check for seasoning. After adding salt and pepper I shoe horned the mixture into a loaf tin and stuck it in the oven to roast for about 45 minutes. I served the loaf with steamed new potatoes and broccoli, and instant gravy… C wants me to write down the recipe next time because it’s one of his favourites! It’s also three ingredients (not including seasoning), which is great!


… Occasionally on a Saturday we buy basic frozen pizzas from our supermarket then add marinated seafood before baking, and it turns out even I like them! So… we decided to use our Wed guest as a guinea pig and make one for him. I marinated large prawns, standard prawns (both cooked and peeled), and mussels (out of their shells of course… that would be just too much crunch) in lots of garlic, lemon juice and zest, a little olive oil, and dried oregano for a few hours before topping the pizzas and baking them for about 15 minutes. That was it, and Wed guest enjoyed the pizza (although he is VERY easily pleased!) as much as I enjoyed not really cooking!


… I used chicken saved from Sunday to make a chicken pad thai. Last time I did my world foods online shop I bought rice stick noodles which I can’t seem to get in any shop nearby, and I have fallen in love with them. I took guidance from at least three recipes online because each was missing something as far as I’m concerned. For example one recipe was missing tamarind. I mixed soy, fish sauce, tamarind liquid, garlic, lime juice, and brown sugar together and refrigerated until needed. Nearer the time I steeped the noodles in water for ten minutes whilst I made omelette, then stir fried spring onions, red chillies, bean sprouts, and the sliced chicken before adding the soy mix and the noodles. After adding the omelette I tossed through fresh coriander and added a wedge of lime when serving. I loved this dish, I just thought it needed some sort of chilli sauce to create a little back heat, instead of a pop of heat occasionally.


… we had leftover pork and stuffing loaf, with mashed potato, frozen petits pois, and gravy made from granules. The loaf’s definitely better a day or two later!


… we had take out! I wanted to try a Chinese nearby that does interesting dishes so we had a mini banquet. We tried a ‘starter for two’ which consisted of spring rolls, a rib each, deep fried seaweed, prawn toast, a chicken wing, and a crispy thing, all in miniature. It was all lovely, the revelation to me being the seaweed, yum! We then shared two main courses, kung po chicken and shredded beef (I can’t remember which style). Both were delicious and we had leftovers!

Rotisserie chicken, peperonata with gammon, pork & stuffing loaf, chicken pad thai.
Rotisserie chicken, peperonata with gammon, pork & stuffing loaf, chicken pad thai.
My mad weekly kitchen diary

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