How to argue

The headlines asked or stated… ‘Is this the most British road rage incident ever’, or ‘Most British argument ever’, or in the case of the link I’m posting, ‘This is the most gloriously British incident of road rage you will ever witness’.

That’s sweet. The quirky Brits with their erm… respectful arguments. How quaint!

But here’s the thing… An argument doesn’t have to be disrespectful. I know if you watch Big Brother like me you might be forgiven for thinking that the only way to have an argument is to name call and get personal. That Farrah one off some US reality show was a perfect example. But as far as I’m concerned if you name call and get personal you’ve already lost the argument, regardless of the outcome.

To me, the clip should not be ‘British’; it should be the standard in arguments. (Can we have a worldwide standard for arguments please?) They were both clearly annoyed, but they managed to have their argument without name calling, getting personal, throwing punches, or thank the stars, anything worse. They both just pretty much stuck to the facts. Granted, nothing appeared to be resolved, but maybe next time she will reverse on to the drive so she can drive off, and he will be more aware of those driveways.

Disrespect is pervading all aspects of our society, from the child who thinks it’s okay to be rude to their parent, to the spouse/partner that verbally abuses their better half, and to the grown up who thinks it’s okay to shout at a waiter. And let’s not even start on social media. The trolls who, to put it lightly, are ‘rude’ to people online really don’t understand the word ‘social’ do they!

So… yes, I am a Brit, and no, if I have an argument I don’t name call and get personal as I hope my vocabulary and thinking stand up for themselves. I’m not going to hide behind F bombs and mean names. And I’m not saying this because I hate swearing, I can swear more than the next person and feel that the F word is a great exclamation mark when appropriate, but in an argument I will never swear.

So… I watch the clip and think that this should not be the exception. It should not be highlighted as quaint, cute, British or whatever. It SHOULD be normal.

End mini and probably very British rant.

How to argue

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