My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen, whilst trying to get the best out of leftovers.

Larger image below
Larger image below


… see last week, rotisserie chicken! All of those dates over the festive season have made my day order a little discombobulated.


… another ‘experiment’! I had leftover pulled pork to use so I made a pig herds pie. Imagine a cottage pie but with pulled pork instead of ground beef. I made the mask with potatoes and carrots for extra veg, topping the pork with the mash and bunging it in the oven. I served it with petits pois and gravy. It was delicious, but uber meaty!


… I was craving Indian food, couldn’t be bothered to cook it, and didn’t want to break the bank with a full on Indian meal so we ordered ‘naan kebab’. I had spicy chicken, which is a delicious Indian gravy/sauce and tender chunks of chicken with peppers and onions, served in a naan. It really hit the spot!


… Look away now… another take-away! Well, it was take-away night and I was making up for not having one over the festive period! This time the men decided on fried chicken which is a rare treat indeed, and it was worth it! I wish we could get mashed potatoes like you can in the States though, some of us don’t want chips with everything. You know who you are, major fried chicken chain!


… cannot for the life of me remember what we ate. Normally when I write down that I can’t remember it comes to me in a flash. *drums fingers* Ah, not a flash but… More leftovers, pig herds pie with leftover kapuska. It seems kapuska goes with ANYTHING! Except maybe coleslaw…


… one last bowl of xmas soup. It freezes really well, so I had done, and defrosted the soup today and reheated and served it with pici spiced crusty bread again. I look forward to next festive season for more xmas soup!


… the last portion of pulled pork, and that was the end of using up festive food! I added a little mashed potato to the pork and made it into tandoori pulled pork patties with the addition of some tandoori masala powder. After shaping the patties I refrigerated until later, then just bunged them in the oven. They don’t look as glisten-y as fried patties, but the tasted great. Maybe a little salty, from adding the masala powder, but alongside curried basmati rice pilaf it worked really well. The basmati was in the freezer so I defrosted it and meanwhile sautéed onion and a yellow pepper, then added my favourite curry powder. After cooking that off I a little liquid to make a sauce, adding fresh tomato and some defrosted teeny peas just before the rice. I made sure the rice was piping hot before serving.

Pig herds pie & tandoori pulled pork patties
Pig herds pie & tandoori pulled pork patties


My mad weekly kitchen diary

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