My mad weekly kitchen diary

This is just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen, and also document trying to get the best out of leftovers.

See below for larger pic
See below for larger pic


… I wanted to do a test run on bread sauce as I picked up a tip from Masterchef Australia, which was to dry the breadcrumbs out a little in a low oven before using. The last time I made bread sauce it was like eating soggy bread which wasn’t pleasant! I loosely followed a recipe just for the ingredient amounts but the method was very different. For a start I halved the amounts, then studded the half onion with the cloves which is traditional. I added the bay and peppercorns, but not the thyme. I also used the skimmed milk that we use in cooking. I simmered the milk (and a splash of water which seems to stop the milk from catching) with the other ingredients for 20 minutes then just let the flavoured milk cool for later after removing the herbs and onion. Just before dinner I reheated the milk, added the dried (but not coloured) breadcrumbs, seasoning and a splash of cream. The bread sauce was perfect, no soggy bread! Anyway, to go with the bread sauce I roasted a chicken, some potatoes and parsnips, then steamed some sprouts and made gravy. C was sad that I didn’t make a truckload of the parsnips, and he loved the bread sauce too. Roll on the 25th of December!


… I used the chicken bones to make a stock, then made a cream of chicken soup by sautéing onions and carrots, adding the stock and eventually the leftover chicken before blitzing it and adding a splash of cream. I didn’t take a pic, but it was lovely!


… I used the rest of the leftover chicken and made a fajita filling with chicken, peppers, onions and mushrooms spiced with cumin, oregano, paprika, cayenne and some chilli flakes. I served it with tortillas, sprout slaw, and a little grated cheese.


… Wednesday guest was visiting and it wasn’t take-away night so I threw (literally) a Bolognese sauce together. The speed at which I chopped onion and mushrooms, grated carrot (I like to hide extra veg in a ragout) and threw it all into a pan that had rendered down chopped bacon in was ridiculous as it was nearly 17:00 and I like to let the sauce cook for as long as possible. When the veg had sautéed I added garlic (lots of garlic) cooked all that for a few minutes more then added browned ground beef and tomato paste which I let cook for six minutes to develop the flavour before adding a glug of red wine and beef stock. I then just let it bubble away for as long as possible. I served it with linguine.


… I didn’t eat anything except a piece of toast so I could take tablets to try and ease a corker of a migraine. C could have had leftovers, but he toddled off to the chippy instead!


… we had appointments so I needed something quick. When I got home I did my version of a lemon chicken. I tossed chicken mini fillets in cornflour, then browned them before putting aside. I then stir fried sliced pepper and mushroom before putting the chicken back in and adding a slosh of fino sherry, five spice powder, garlic, light soy, oyster sauce, the zest and juice of a couple of lemons and water. The cornflour on the chicken thickens the sauce, and when the dish is cooked the chicken is silky soft. I served the lemon chicken with basmati rice.


… I did Thursday’s meal, my version of a kofta. I added fresh coriander, garlic, and tandoori masala powder to minced lamb and formed patties, for speed and ease, as I don’t usually cook on a Saturday I shoved them in the oven to cook. I served the koftas with a few oven chips and a basic salad.

Roast chicken and bread sauce, chicken fajita, linguine bolognese, silken lemon chicken, koftas.
Roast chicken and bread sauce, chicken fajita, linguine bolognese, silken lemon chicken, koftas.
My mad weekly kitchen diary

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