My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen.


… I made a BEAUTIFUL dinner. I did medium rare roast top rump of beef, neeps and tatties, savoy cabbage and Yorkshire puds with a rich gravy. Did I get a pic? Nope. By the time husb had ‘served’ the meat it looked like a dogs dinner (in my head) so I had a ‘moment’. You’ll just have to believe me! I baked the potatoes in the oven and after husb had hacked the swede into manageable slices I peeled them and chopped them into a fine dice. To save bother and energy, because the swede has to cook for a while I put it in a lidded ovenproof dish, cover with water, and add a little salt before putting on the lid and bunging it in the oven with the potatoes to let it do its thing. When the ‘tatties’ or potatoes are soft I put them through the ricer along with the strained ‘neeps’ or swede, as those of us from the south call it and added my favourite non dairy spread and a touch of milk along with seasoning to taste. The tatties and neeps were delicious! I’m so pleased swede was on offer! The rest I’ve mentioned in my other kitchen diaries, exception being I made the Yorkshires the last time I did beef and froze them. I wanted to see how they would be reheated. Well they were brilliant. I will be doing that again. I used a new recipe for them, it was James Martin’s. I have half a swede left so I’ll do neeps and tatties next week and hopefully get a pic!


… Hahaha! I did take a pic, but I’m not thrilled. This dish tasted so much better than it looked! I blame the soy sauce. I wanted to do some sort of crispy beef and noodles using leftover roast beef so I loosely followed a Tesco recipe I found online. I should have connected the dots even whilst looking at the recipe but it doesn’t matter. Mine was much darker. Yes, I did use different noodles, but that wouldn’t have made much of a difference, all I can say is I’m struggling to believe that that recipe produced THAT image. It looks as though no soy sauce at all was added, or maybe it was light soy. The dish tasted very good though. I did things a little differently, like cooking off the veg to my liking then adding them just before the noodles so they stayed crunchy.


… I had some boneless, skinless chicken thighs so I had a go at Paprika chicken. Again, I loosely followed a recipe because I didn’t have everything that the recipe I found called for, or sometimes I don’t like an ingredient so will sub it for something healthier. I really liked this dish as it had a lot of my favourite things in, chicken, potatoes, paprika, and vinegar! I subbed tomato paste for sundried, fino sherry for medium, and my favourite store cupboard stock cube for the stock. As for putting the dish together I did it by sight and sound as is my way. I cook the onions for much longer, probably on a much lower heat until they become really sweet. I did that after browning the chicken pieces in a little oil then removing. I reduced the sauce for a little longer and cooked the potatoes for longer too because how do I know what size dice their potatoes were. Mine were clearly bigger even though I tried to do them like the image. The end result was delicious though, but it just shows you can’t always blindly follow a recipe! I the Paprika chicken with sautéed savoy cabbage.


… there is a veg thing I love. Imagine… baby potatoes, peppers, onions, whole mushrooms and garlic bunged in the oven with a splash of white wine and some seasoning. Then add almost anything to that. I love trout. It is delicious. Anyway… the legendary Simon Rimmer made a sausage and ratatouille bake on Sunday Brunch* the Sunday previous so I took that and changed it completely! I needed to make it easy so instead of frying off lamb sausages I wanted to plonk our delicious special Cumberland sausage on the top of veg part way through cooking, and I wanted to make it a mix of ratatouille and my veg thing. I didn’t use eggplant because C doesn’t like it, so I used extra zucchini. When prepping the veg I halved a load of fresh tomatoes and stuck a good sliver of garlic in each half. I chopped up zucchini, peppers, and washed the potatoes and the mushrooms. I started the potatoes off in the oven with a splash of wine and just added the veg in order of fragility (Pots, toms, zucc, peppers, mush), with the exception of tomatoes because I wanted them to break down quite a bit. I added my new HIMALAYAN PINK SALT and some oregano too. With about half an hour to go I put three curled lengths of Cumberland sausage on top of the veg, mahoosive for Wed J, large for C, small for me. I served this one pot meal with as much of the jus as the plate would hold. It was delish, even though I forgot the flipping onions! And I am aware that my sausage looks a tad poop like…


… take-away! Whatever, I have a headache! We had mixed kebabs, salad, and pitta. And there were leftovers!


… I found a recipe ages ago for ‘bread machine pizza dough’, I just had to find it again. I’m not a fan of pizza so I’m not going to stand there making dough, but, if I can get a decent thin crust I’ll be relatively happy with that. I liked this recipe because there’s nothing scary in the recipe. It does say the units are U.S, but it certainly works well with my British measures. Anyway… I wanted to start using stuff out of the freezer so this was an opportunity for frozen seafood. I set the dough off whilst working then just put it in the fridge till needed. After work I made a tomato sauce by sautéing a little onion, garlic, and tinned plum tomato with oregano and seasoning until delish. I then blitzed it with the stick blender and let it cool. I let C put the pizza together as I’m not too confident. I rolled the base out for him beforehand and placed it in the fridge on the pastry board which was sprinkled with a little polenta to stop it sticking, it saves wasting greaseproof paper. I also grated a little cheddar for flavour and ripped up a ball of mozzarella for texture. It was then up to Super C to assemble! He ladled tomato sauce on the base, and then layered mussels, large prawns and scallops before adding the cheese for protection. I think he marinates the seafood in lemon and garlic for a while too but he won’t let me see. The cheese on top isn’t as pretty, but it certainly helps the seafood stay succulent. Although the base was STILL a little thick for me (I just need to practice) it was a lovely pizza and we ate it with salad.


… good old leftovers… I had Paprika chicken and some crusty bread. C had the rest of the pizza and a salad he made, he also reheated my dinner so I did nothing. WIN!

Crispy Beef, Paprika chicken, Cumberland sausage, seafood pizza
Crispy Beef, Paprika chicken, Cumberland sausage, seafood pizza

*I would love to link to original recipe but it’s not up online permanently.

My mad weekly kitchen diary

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