Bags of dilemmas

There has been a lot of talk of plastic bags lately as England moved to force most shops, in most instances to charge for them.

Personally I would rather they were banned. We could move to the sturdy paper bags. We may even be able to produce them ourselves from the paper and cardboard we recycle and create jobs and industry, but what do I know.

This ban though, would cause me problems, so this proves I’m trying to look at the bigger picture. I don’t use plastic bags often, I have a smaller ‘bag for life’ in my handbag in case I need a bag whilst I’m out, and we have any number of large bags for life in the car that we use for parcels and other shopping. Now, I RECEIVE plastic bags when I do my online shop. Then I USE these bags for used cat litter. I don’t throw them away. If we didn’t have the cats I wouldn’t need the odd plastic bag. So… anyway, this paragraph is pure supposition because plastic bags are not banned; we just need to pay for them, and herein lies my problem. When I do my online shop at the checkout I have two options, deliver my shopping with or without bags. In an ideal world, and if the adverts are to be believed the helpful delivery driver brings one basket containing some of your shopping into the kitchen, unpacks it then goes back for more, leaving you to swan around delicately putting quinoa and goji berries into a stylish cupboard. Bags are most definitely not needed, your shopping experience is stress free, and cupboards are full.

The Airlock
The airlock

The reality is though, we have cats. Luckily we also have what we geekily call an airlock which is a small space between the front door and an internal door. To stop the cats getting out I shut the internal door behind me and stand in the airlock to receive the shopping, taking it from the baskets and dumping it on the floor. As soon as the ‘without bags’ option had become available I had ticked that box, sparing not a thought for my kitty litter in a bid to be greener, but it soon became apparent that it was a terrible mistake. I usually do my online shop every few months to stock up on dry goods, cleaning stuff and toiletries, and there is a lot. So… imagine if you will, fifteen baskets (they hold a LOT of stuff) jam packed with STUFF. He places each one on the ground by the front door (there is a step so he can’t put it inside) and I just have to HURL the stuff out of the basket into the airlock making sure the front door will still close before he brings the next basket. I repeat this fourteen more times until I worry that I will be crushed under a tower of shower gel. This is no slight on the delivery driver as it’s the way I have to do it because of the cats. So, I concede and order my shopping with bags from that day forward but that’s not much better. I just have a tower of bags, many with one or two item in. I don’t know what the packers are thinking. My last shop was around forty plastic bags. If I had packed the shopping I would probably have used fifteen. I didn’t have the will to document everything but here are some of the silliest bag contents:

  • TWO TUBES OF TOOTHPASTE (in one bag)
  • ONE PACK OF 4 ECCLES CAKES (in another bag)
  • TWO PACKS OF CAT TREATS (in another bag)
Bags of Evidence!
                                                                             Bags of Evidence!

The deliveries always follow the same theme and Tesco packers should really be a little ashamed of how blasé they are. Whether it would be different now is not worth waiting to find out.

So what happens now? I don’t want to pay for forty bags when they could have used fifteen. I suppose I must go back to the tower of shower gel. Maybe I’ll rethink logistics and fill ‘bags for life’ from the airlock and hope I don’t hold up the delivery driver for too long. If you don’t hear from me again I was probably squished by a tower of shower gel… But at least I’ll smell good.

Bags of dilemmas

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