My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen.


… Pork. Again! It’s good value!!! It was shoulder so I slow roasted it on very low after blasting the joint on high for half an hour, I then gave it another blast on high. I served it with roasted rosemary beetroot from Ken’s garden, steamed new potatoes and runner beans and carrots (runner beans also from Ken’s garden). Oh instead of the usual baked dessert apple I made Bramley apple sauce with apples from… Ken’s garden! Lastly, we had very crackly crackling!


… I had some leftover boiled rice from the Nasi Goreng last week that I wanted to utilise, and peppers were on offer so I decided on stuffed peppers with salad. For speed I decided to cheat, after all it was Monday! I had a jar of salsa so I mixed that with the rice and some tinned tuna, before stuffing halves of red and yellow pepper, topping with fresh tomato and popping in the oven. We had a bagged salad with mixed leaves and raw beetroot so I served it with that.


… I’m still trying to use up some dried white beans I bought for white bean mash a while back. I originally followed the prep instructions but the mash was not great as the skins of the beans were tough. Maybe I was supposed to individually de-skin each solitary bean by hand, on my knees chained to the kitchen sink or something… Anyway… I found a recipe for ‘braised chicken and beans’, which of course I didn’t quite follow but used it as inspiration. I started prepping the beans the day before by soaking them, then rinsed/boiled/drained/rinsed on the day. I browned some ‘bone in’ chicken thighs then removed them. I then fried onion, garlic, and carrot as I wanted more veg and cooked that off for a while. I then added thyme and some white wine and burned off the alcohol before adding the beans, a little stock, the thighs on top and some seasoning, before popping it in the oven for about 45 minutes. I’m sure the original recipe was delish but so was my tweaked recipe!


… We had beet and bean burgers that were in the freezer. They really are very good, but next time I must make sure the mixture holds together better with a few tweaks. I defrosted them then fried until they had a good crust on both sides and finished them off in the oven. Then it was the usual burger-y accompaniments burger bun toasted on the flat side, mayo (no margarine or butter, local people!!!), ketchup, cheese, lettuce, and red onion. I also served oven roasted rosemary and olive oil potato wedges cut from baking potatoes so they were nice and chunky. No pic, very similar to a few weeks ago.


… I couldn’t be bothered so C had leftover pie, with potatoes and peas. I had a weird thing that I like… Fish fingers. Good so far? Boiled basmati rice, ok… little bit strange… and tinned plum tomatoes! Heehee! I know it’s weird but this is my guilty pleasure, not in terms of unhealthy eating because it’s quite a good meal, it’s just a weird combination. I like to mix the rice and tomato up pilaff stylee! Judge away folks!


… I did kebabs again. No pic of the dish because they were very similar to the last lot, just a pic of the gorgeous flatbreads I make using this recipe. This time though I used chicken thigh meat so it was extra delicious. Before work I chopped the chicken into generous pieces then made up a marinade of olive oil, red wine vinegar, fresh garlic, oregano, salt, chilli flakes and pulverised tinned plum tomato. Not a lot of tomato, one plum and a little juice. I would normally cut a fresh tomato in half and grate the flat sides into the marinade but I had the tomato left over from my ‘meal’ on Thursday. After work I made up a fresh batch of my volcanic chilli sauce; then mixed a little with some mayo for the kebabs. The flatbreads don’t take long to make at all but I made them a little ahead of time so I’m not doing everything at the end. I just wrap them in foil and reheat them when I need them. Just before dinner I put some oven fries into bake and hard fried the chicken pieces, finishing them off in the oven. At that point I’d had enough so I didn’t do a salad. The chicken was delish, much tastier than breast meat. I hope we can get the boneless thigh again.


… we had shop bought pizzas… but just basic thin four cheese ones to which C added king prawns, lots of garlic and scallops and herbs to one, and I added the rest of the kebab chicken from Friday and some green pepper and red onion to the other. C’s was amazing! There was garlic up the whazoo! Mine, not so good, pepper wasn’t cooked enough. I blame C, he’s supposed to guide me as I don’t really do pizza! If we do that again and I dice the pepper I’ll microwave or blanch it first.

Slow roast pork and Bramley apple sauce, tuna stuffed peppers, braised chicken & beans, delicious flatbreads.
Slow roast pork and Bramley apple sauce, tuna stuffed peppers, braised chicken & beans, delicious flatbreads.
My mad weekly kitchen diary

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