My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen.


… there wasn’t much on offer so we ended up with a ham/gammon joint. I love getting a ham because they go a long way. I wanted savoy cabbage to go with it but they didn’t have any, and he knows better than to come home with a white cabbage (for cooking) so C went with cavolo nero kale. I boiled the ham for an hour then smothered it in maple syrup and stuck it in the oven. I tried making the colcannon a different way and it worked really well. I microwaved large potatoes in their skins until cooked whilst infusing some milk on a low with a little butter, seasoning, and a couple of chopped spring onions. Once the potatoes were ready I cut them in half, placing each half flat side down in my ricer and ricing each half straight into the milk. I boiled the chopped cavolo nero for a while before sautéing it with a little dairy free spread and a shed load of freshly ground black pepper. We couldn’t get any parsley so I mocked up a sauce with ham stock, and some dried parsley for colour.


… now. I KNOW we had leftover colcannon, and I KNOW we had leftover kale. Other than that? Complete blank! C says he got a ‘nice surprise’, because he expected ham but got something different, but he can’t remember either, and it couldn’t have been that exciting because I didn’t take a pic. These headaches are just turning my brain to mush!


… I made a delicious, if predictable lentil and ham soup with the rest of the ham stock. I wasn’t feeling great so I just threw raw onion, garlic, lentils and a tin of tomatoes into the stock to cook for a while along with big ham off-cuts for flavour but to be removed later. Off-cuts removed an hour later I added chopped ham, then cooked it a while longer before whizzing it with a stick blender. As one who used to leave the lentil soup as it was, the difference when you use a stick blender is amazing. From hearty and delicious, to hearty, delicious and creamy. Without cream! I served it with crusty bread.


… I had started yesterday because I had a mammoth task. Self inflicted, I know but I have a reason… When I do my meal plan for the week I use the app of the supermarket we use because they always have offers on fruit and veg, and meat, six of each to be exact. I look to the offers when planning the meals. So a few weeks ago they had beetroot on offer, which I expected to be raw with skin on. With this in mind I was going to do roasted beetroot with rosemary. When C got home with the beetroot it was cooked and vacuum packed. I don’t have many ideas about what to do with cooked beetroot apart from pickle it, so it sat in the fridge for some weeks before I found a recipe for… BEET and bean Burgers!!!!!! I was so happy when I found the recipe! I made the burger mix (with a few substitutes – kidney instead of black beans, no prunes) on Tuesday and put it in the fridge overnight. We were then called by WEDJ to say he had to cancel Wednesday but would come on Friday. I now had the mixture for 6 veggie burgers and at most we would eat 3 on our own! They couldn’t wait until Friday because I had half cooked some garlic mushrooms a couple of days before so they needed finished and eaten. The way I cook my mushrooms is great for half cooking. What I like to do is hard fry (highest heat on a normal cooker) the mushrooms in a little sunflower oil and seasoning until they brown and smell a little caramel-ly. They then release a load of moisture. At this point take them off the heat, add as much crushed garlic as you can stand (I use 4 cloves for about 250g of mushrooms) give it a stir then let it marinate. This was the point I put the mushrooms into the fridge for a few days, where normally I would let them sit for a few hours before hard frying until the liquid evaporates and they are very garlic mushrooms! Anyway, I made the burger mix into patties and hard them until a nice crust formed, then toasted the flat side of the buns, before adding mayo, lettuce, the burger, chilli cheddar, and garlic mushrooms. I served them with homemade coleslaw made with French vinaigrette instead of mayo because of the mayo on the burgers, and rosemary potato wedges. I must say. The burgers are difficult to handle, and they collapsed a little whilst eating, but they are delicious!


… I had a craving for quiche… WHAT??? You say? Well, not ANY old quiche. I craved a salmon and broccoli quiche. I don’t like quiche but I love this one, especially home made. We bought frozen salmon fillets and fresh broccoli then on the day I made a shortcrust pastry and blind baked it before adding lightly cooked chunks of salmon and tiny broccoli florets that I blanched in the microwave for two minutes. I then sprinkled a layer of grated cheddar cheese over the lot and added a mix of eggs, cream, milk, seasoning, and dill before baking for about 35 minutes. I served it with a basic salad of romaine lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, onion and cucumber. That quiche could not come soon enough! It was delicious, and C thought so too.


… I decided I wasn’t going to cook for WedJ because it’s Friday and I’m trying to wind down, not cook shed loads of food and do mountains of washing up. They had fish and chips and pie and chips, I had boiled rice, curry sauce and a fishcake. Sorry!


… We had leftover salmon and broccoli quiche and a bagged leaf salad with my homemade French vinaigrette, which is easy peasy since I always have some in a jar in the fridge! Best cold leftovers ever!

Roast ham, colcannon and cavolo nero, Beet and Bean burgers, Salmon and broccoli quiche
Roast ham, colcannon and cavolo nero, Beet and Bean burgers, Salmon and broccoli quiche
My mad weekly kitchen diary

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