My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen.


… I wanted to get a handle on the aged beef that we tried a few weeks ago, which was a little over by the time it came out of the oven, it wasn’t ‘over’ cooked but it wasn’t rare to medium even with only an hour of cooking then some resting, so we got another joint this weekend. I cooked this one for 40 minutes, and it STILL wasn’t rare enough! It was delicious, but not really pink. I served it with homemade Yorkshire puddings, I tried a James Martin recipe this time, as my recipe is very basic and he is a Yorkshire man! Along with the meat and puddings I served steamed tender stem broccoli and roasted new potatoes. Also, a dark gravy from the meat juices, flour and a little stock. Our joints aren’t huge so we don’t get enough out to not have to use stock, but delicious anyway. This week I also remembered a pic!


… knackered… because, Monday. C had another roast dinner with the leftovers from Sunday, and I had cassoulet! Tinned cassoulet! And it’s delish! I don’t do tinned food, with the exception of what I call ingredients for meals, you know, tinned tomatoes, various beans, tuna, that sort of thing, but not a ‘meal’. This cassoulet though, appears to be a French brand and it doesn’t look fantastic but tastes great, and I could eat French peasant style food any day of the week.


I made a quick clam chowder with celery, onion, carrot, potato, stock and tinned clams, milk and a little cream. I was very disappointed with the clams, they weren’t very tasty and in this town (well, city, but it’s a city that behaves like a town and deprives me of interesting ingredients for cooking) it’s difficult to get tinned clams, let alone fresh ones. Cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I was. I have good memories of my dad’s delicious clam chowder (even a quick one) and mine came nowhere close. I will make a ‘seafood’ chowder next time, and use fish stock too, in place of clam juice I can’t obtain. I’m making it sound awful, it wasn’t, it just wasn’t fantastic and memory inducing.


… I was supposed to be making gobblers pie (a shepherds pie type thing but made with turkey) but my head was particularly bad. We ended up ordering takeout of mixed kebab (chicken, shish, doner), salad and pitta. It was very good and we managed to save a load of meat from mine and C’s meal for other meals. They give you far too much! WedJ ate all his though!


… it’s just not my week! I made a jambalaya type thing with leftover kebab meats, peppers, celery, onion, a couple of brockwurst (I wanted to save rest of kebab meat for Saturday) , Cajun seasoning and tomatoes. I had to use basmati rice as I don’t like long grain these days. I tried some rice when I thought it should be cooked and it appeared done, so I served it. Blooming crunchy rice! Had to put it all back in and continue cooking! The picture you see is of crunchy rice jambalaya!



… I was very excited because I was going to try a new flatbread recipe, and I was going to make lamb schwarma-ish to fill the new flatbreads. I’ve struggled to find a decent flatbread that is roll-able so hopefully this was the day! Before work I threw together a marinade for the lamb leg steaks I cut into large chunks consisting of grated fresh tomato and onion, garlic, olive oil, a little red wine vinegar, sumac, and oregano. I added the meat, stirred well and covered the bowl to go in the fridge for the day.

After work I got on to the flatbread. It was just flour, salt, olive oil, and tepid water. I followed the recipe and instructions then rolled them out and dry fried each one in a frying pan. I wrapped them in foil to reheat later.

When it was time to cook I skewered the lamb and grilled it on high to try and get a little char. I served the lamb in the flatbread with a basic salad dressed with lemon juice and some chilli mayo. Flatbread verdict? Fantastic! I wanted to leave a thank you comment on the ‘Zsuzsa Is In The Kitchen’ blog but you had to do g-o-o-g-l-e, and I don’t do that company almost as much as I don’t do Facebook, which was the only alternative way to login to comment. So, thank you Zsuzsa for a brilliant recipe. I hope you see this!

The rest of the meal was great too, my sort of food! If I’d had some humous it would’ve been perfect!


… When I last made pizza dough I froze enough for one pizza, so this was going to be C’s dinner, and I was having left over clam chowder (boooo!). I made a tomato sauce base with leftover tomatoes from earlier in week, and garlic and onion then when C got home he assembled his pizza. I had rolled the dough out and added the tomato sauce, he just had to choose his toppings. He used pretty much all of the kebab meat (both my lamb, and the takeout), peppers, onion, and fresh chilli. He finished it with mozzarella. There was far too much on this nicely thin pizza base but C enjoyed it! I had clam chowder!

Roast beef & Yorkshire puddings, clam chowder, jambalaya, lamb schwarma & flatbread
Roast beef & Yorkshire puddings, clam chowder, jambalaya, lamb schwarma & flatbread
My mad weekly kitchen diary

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