My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen.


… Before we do Sunday I need to go back to Saturday which will set the scene for the random food over the next week… I mentioned fleetingly about my headaches/migraines in a previous post. Normally I muddle through the constant (from 20 minutes after waking until I manage to fall asleep) head pains of varying types by doing tasks in small bursts. The only job I have to persevere with is my proper one, which means every week day till lunch/mid afternoon is pretty bleak, but I muddle through. Anyway; Saturday is my meal planning and list making day. This day though, was different. I couldn’t look at any screen close up for even a minute, my head was that bad, so the upshot was my lovely husb picked up a few things from the shop we use. He did very well but he was winging it, so forgive the random food I cobbled together and any microwave meals or takeaways!

Husband again was a star and cooked a rotisserie chicken for Sunday dinner. It really is delicious, only down side is his ‘sides limit’ is chips, so we had oven chips, and gravy. I didn’t get a pic of his beautiful chook with one thing or another but I will soon.



… the solitary leftover chicken breast from Sunday mocked me from the fridge for most of Monday work time. I didn’t want to do a soup again so I mulled this non-problem over till nearly lunch time. I had good (well behaved, non-mocking) veg in the fridge as well as a ball of mozzarella. It also transpired that there was a carton of pasatta sitting quietly in my store cupboard, so it came to me, PIZZA!! I’m not a fan, but I can handle really thin homemade pizzas. I shoved bread flour, olive oil, water, instant yeast, salt, and water into my bread machine and let IT do the hard work whilst I continued working. Bread machines are a wonderful thing! Nearer dinner I rolled out the dough, and used pasatta instead of my usual homemade tomato sauce on the base, I added chopped chicken, cheddar, mozzarella, green pepper, green chilli and red onion along with oregano for the pizza. I served a portion of pizza with oven baked zucchini fries as a side. It’s REALLY hard to get panko breadcrumbs to stick to raw zucchini it seems, but there was enough for delicious crunch. I used up the ‘ratatouille’ type thing I had left over from last week too. The easypizza was very good!



… we did leftovers, we had to! I had kedgeree, and C had pizza. I can’t for the life of me remember what I served alongside the pizza, so it probably wasn’t that memorable!



… WedJ was round, we had no food, and I was not up to cooking the food we didn’t have, so we went to the Chippy! C was delighted, exclaiming “We haven’t been to the chippy for AGES!”

I had fish and chips, as did WedJ, but he also had two battered sausages and almost an entire bottle of ketchup. C had cheese pie and chips, with one of my home pickled eggs. It’s a thing apparently!

… I had some ready rolled puff pastry in the freezer so I defrosted that as a start. When C winged it on Saturday he bought a few veg that were on offer but almost no protein so I decided on a tomato and roasted red pepper tart. As we had the pastry I didn’t worry about potatoes, going instead for very cheesy cauliflower cheese. I steamed the cauliflower whilst making the cheese sauce. Again I flew blind, adding roughly the same amount of flour to melted butter, cooking out for a few minutes before adding milk a little at a time and whisking with vigour! When the sauce was glossy and lump free I cooked it out a little longer and added pepper, then a mix of Parmesan and extra mature cheddar for a really cheesy sauce. I put the part steamed cauliflower in a baking dish, topping it with the sauce and a few breadcrumbs ready to be baked. Easier than cooking cauliflower completely, saucing then grilling because I didn’t have to stand over it! I served the tart and cauliflower with a mix of petits pois and the actual peas from some sugar snap pods.



… the only other protein C bought was convenience food. It was fresh though! Fresh Southern ‘fried’ chicken that can be cooked in oven, so I did! I served it with curly oven fries and thick chicken sauce/gravy that I made with stock from his rotisserie chicken and a roux. For a relatively convenient meal it was quite tasty, but not up to our usual Friday meal standards!

… No cook Saturday! C came home with my favourite shop bought curry, chicken Jalfrezi, whilst he had a fresh thin and crispy pizza with pepperoni & chillies. If I’m going to buy a ready meal type curry, the indicator of how good it will be is usually the rice. If the rice is plain old long grain, or *horrified face* easy cook rice, chances are the curry will be pretty bleak. If the rice though is basmati it looks hopeful for a decent ready curry. I have included a picture, because it’s worth seeing when you consider the origin.


Pizza & zucchini fries, tomato & roasted red pepper tart and cauliflower cheese, and a Chicken Jalfrezi ready meal!
Pizza & zucchini fries, tomato & roasted red pepper tart and cauliflower cheese, and a Chicken Jalfrezi ready meal!
My mad weekly kitchen diary

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