A little word with lots of power – No

A fictitious, over the top conversation between a me and a fictitious person… 

FP: Come over and kill big game!
Me: Erm… no. At the very least we shouldn’t kill anything we don’t eat.

FP: But it’s really easy, like shooting fish in a barrel! 
Me: No. A lot of these animals are endangered. It’s wrong.

FP: But these aren’t ‘celebrity’ animals, they are just animals…
Me: No. Each animal is as IMPORTANT as the NEXT.

FP: It’ll make you feel strong, superior! 
Me: No. It wouldn’t. I’d feel worthless because I’d killed an animal for no other reason than vanity.

FP: But it’s okay, I can get you a licence! 
Me: No. Just because someone allows it doesn’t mean it’s right.

FP: Okay. How about we fly you over?! It won’t cost you a penny!
Me: No. It’s not about money, it’s about not doing the wrong thing.

FP: *sigh*. Look. We’ll pay you, how about a gazillion pounds, in fact; name anything, it’s yours…
Me: NO!

See how easy it is to say no? If you have even one iota of moral fortitude you can say no to whatever someone throws at you. 
But you have to have just one iota of moral fortitude. If you are prideful, have a superiority complex, and no compassion or regard for life, you may struggle saying ‘no’ in this scenario. Heck; you may even be moronic enough to PAY to shoot at the ‘fish in a barrel’. For what? A trophy? If so? *Slow claps* Well. Done. You. 

A little word with lots of power – No

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