Why I love this picture!

Ember and Squeeky!
Ember and Squeeky!

I know. It’s just my two cats, but when I look hard at this picture there are so many things that I love!

Ember in the background sitting nonchalantly as saying, “a kitten. Whatever…” Her paw draped over the chair in total relaxation.

Squeeky’s pointy tail. I cannot tell you how happy a pointy kitten tail makes me, just imagine REALLY happy, then add some more happy, and when I think of her tail now which is gloriously bushy her pointy kitten tail is even cuter!

Squeeky walking straight to the camera. These days if I hold up my phone she does everything to spoil the impending image. She’s very camera shy!

Squeeky’s whisker stumps. Look closely and she has a lot of whisker stumps and is lacking in eyebrow whiskers. This is probably because Squeeky and Ember have been getting up close and personal, with the end result being Ember nibbling the whiskers off. I don’t think we know for sure why it happens, but it does. It could be a little dominance play, or just play, but the stumps are too cute. I like that they got close quite quickly.

Squeeky’s ears. Even then she had really sprout-y ears! These days they are even sprout-ier, and she particularly loves to have the sprouts combed when we groom her.

I know this is a strange post but I could never fit all this on Twitter. Hope you like the picture of my girls too!

squeeky's tail
squeeky’s tail
Why I love this picture!

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