My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen.


… we had a guest for dinner. Let me rephrase that. We didn’t eat a guest for dinner; we had a guest over who ate dinner with us. As is my need lately I was trying to keep it relatively simple but C came home with beef. A triangular piece of beef! It was a good, aged piece but it was a rubbish shape. Anyway, simple! I seared the beef quickly and roasted it for less than an hour which was over half an hour less than the ‘instructions’ recommended for ‘rare’. The beef was good, but not as pink as we would have liked, probably due to the shape. It was still really tender though. I also roasted some baby new potatoes in their skins with salt and rosemary, and made a sort of broccoli gratin with cream, creme fraiche and cheese, topped with panko breadcrumbs. Of course we had to have Yorkshire puddings too which rose to the occasion beautifully. They were so spectacular when I set them down on the table the guest exclaimed “well, they’re not Aunt Bessie’s!” (Aunt Bessie’s = Brand of ready made frozen Yorkshire puds) Sorry Aunt Bessie’s! As one would, I served this all with rich beefy (beef juices beefy) gravy.


… I didn’t know if we would have leftovers so I planned to stick a chicken in the oven to roast. It’s easy and doesn’t require much prep, which is perfect as Monday is so busy. So, chicken sprinkled with seasoning and a little olive oil it was popped into the oven with little fuss. I halved lengthways the leftover potatoes from Sunday and tossed them in a little oil and more rosemary before roasting, and roasted the leftover broccoli too, this time with a lid on the dish so it wouldn’t burn. I was dubious about reheating the broccoli, squidgy broccoli is nasty, but it was still very good. I served the chicken and bits with the chicken juices mixed with instant gravy granules and water. Don’t judge! Monday. Knackered.


… I had appointments so it gave us an opportunity to have takeaway. We tried a new place that does pad thai and curries. The pad thai was delicious, and there was so much we had leftovers for two from one portion. The beef rendang was a little fragrant for me, and the sauce was very thin, but the flavour of the massaman curry we had was right up my street. We had leftovers of both curries too.


… oh yes. One of my favourites! Spicy beans! It’s an easy meal, good for WedJ’s appetite, uses mostly store cupboard stuff, and is economical. I have to remember to get tinned baked beans (I know, shock horror!) because we don’t often have them. I usually like to add kidney beans too but I was out so used white beans which weren’t obvious as that’s what baked beans consist of. For WedJ I used 3 tins of baked beans and 1 of white beans. I then season liberally with cumin, paprika, and oregano, and am less liberal with cayenne and chilli flakes. After cooking the mixture out for a while, I test for salt, then pile into bowls lined with tortilla chips. I dolloped a little good jarred salsa on top, then cheddar, mozzarella and fresh coriander. I put it in the oven for about ten minutes, just enough to melt the cheese without burning the chips. I prefer more chilli heat but WedJ prefers milder food, but it’s still a delicious meal. Also good made as a large sharing meal.


… leftover juggling again. Remember the chicken from Monday? I stripped off the remaining meat and simmered the bones in water and come aromatics for about 45 minutes. I had lots of bits and bobs in the fridge so I came up with a ragout type thing. I sautéed onion, adding mushrooms and red pepper along with soya beans from the freezer. I splashed in some white wine for zing, then added a spoon or two of flour and cooked that off for a few minutes before adding the stock from the bones until it was a good consistency. I let it bubble away for 20 minutes adding the cooked chicken for just long enough to heat it through properly. I served it with… basmati rice!


… What’s that over there?! *points enthusiastically* WE HAD TAKEAWAY OK!!! My distraction tactics didn’t work then. In my defence I’ve had constant headaches of varying types for over 2 years, punctuated only with migraines, and Friday was a pretty bad day. Anyway, I had the delicious chicken wings, salad and fries. I had to make the salad myself because it was missing AGAIN! It’s like they don’t want you to have your five a day. C had the mixed kebab with pita and salad, and he nicked some of my fries too!


… You know the drill! We had leftovers. C had pad thai and I had the chicken massaman curry. The only thing I did was reheat food which in my opinion is still too much on ‘no cook Saturday’

Spicy beans and Leftover chicken ragout.
Spicy beans and Leftover chicken ragout.
My mad weekly kitchen diary

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