My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen.


… was a good day for me, my wonderful husband cooked brunch AND dinner! How lucky am I!? He didn’t quite do the full roast but it’s almost better… herb roasted rotisserie chicken, the resulting jus, and oven chips. Next time I will shoot his chicken, promise! I was too busy eating to take a photo!


… there were no leftovers from Sunday, well, there was, a cooked breast, but that was earmarked for lunch sandwiches. I struggled to come up with something because my brain is fried on a Monday. In the end I defrosted a tiger baton, and piled it with ham, cheddar, and thinly sliced mushrooms with garlic before letting the oven take over. Next time I will pre cook the mushrooms as they appeared light on the garlic, which wasn’t the case, it was just that they were ‘marinated’ in the garlic, not cooked. Still good though, and I served with salad.


… I wanted to use up some red split lentils, so I made a lentil, tomato and smoked bacon soup. Another one of my favourite soups! I blended it because in this instance I think the soup is better for it. I served it with a few discs of baguette that were drizzled in garlic, chilli, and parsley olive oil. Comfort food at it’s best!


… I should stop experimenting on my friends. Lahmacun. I’ve wanted to try lahmacun for such a long time, so when I found the recipe in a book I bought earlier this year I was itching to make. Lahmacun can be described loosely as a Turkish pizza, and as I don’t like regular pizza much this was the obvious meal choice! Seriously though, the lahmacun look like flatbreads that have a meat paste smeared on before baking. No cheese or topping mountain so heavy the base can’t take the weight, no thick doughy base (the sort of pizza that’s delivered around these parts), it sounds perfect! I made the dough whilst working, zipping to and from the kitchen to follow the instructions. At lunchtime I prepared the topping, which had lamb, tomatoes, onion, parsley and spices. All that was to do after work was roll out dough, smear, and bake.

The lahmacun tasted very good, but I must not be a very good kneader as the base was more pastry like than bread like. The topping didn’t ‘smear’ well as it was chunkier than it should have been. Next time I will put the topping in the food processor to help with consistency, I think I didn’t chop finely enough by hand.


… I had some sliced prosciutto that needed to be used up. I love the challenge of finishing everything without resorting to the ‘fridge omelette’ or ‘fridge soup’! I pondered some and decided on a risotto with prosciutto and peas. I always have carnaroli rice in the cupboard, petits pois in the freezer and onion in the onion bucket so I was ready to go! I like to defrost the peas and add them at the end so I went to retrieve those first. That was when I found the soya beans I’d bought. Risotto with soya beans and prosciutto sounds even better!


… I was very excited. A month ago I used an online ethnic food shop. They have many nationality’s favourite ingredients and I was able to buy Indian, Caribbean, North African, and Mexican ingredients to name a few. Whilst browsing I happened upon a ‘U cook’ Indian spice mix. It was fresh but to be stored in freezer, had all of the onion, spices, and oil; I was just supposed to add protein and water. This sounded like a fab idea so I bought the ‘garlic chicken’ pouch to try. I used chicken and potatoes because I had half the protein needed and followed the instructions. When able to taste (raw chicken, you know!) I tasted, and it was very acidic which my husband doesn’t like at all. At this point instructions were out of the window as I took out the chicken to prevent over-cooking and started tweaking. I added coconut milk powder and a pinch of sugar for sweetness, and more salt. Eventually we were at something C would like. The tweaking took a while, and I had already decided to make tandoori flavoured lamb mince and mushroom pakoras for a starter as I ‘didn’t have much to do’, so an easy meal became a little harder!


… we had leftovers! Only one thing better than leftovers is leftovers that consist of lamb kebab, mushroom pakora, and garlic chicken and potato with… da da daaaah! Basmati rice!

Tiger baton, lentil & smoked bacon soup, risotto with soya beans & prosciutto, garlic chicken, mushroom pakoras and lamb kebab and Lahmacun.
Tiger baton, lentil & smoked bacon soup, risotto with soya beans & prosciutto, garlic chicken, mushroom pakoras and lamb kebab and Lahmacun.
My mad weekly kitchen diary

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