My mad weekly kitchen diary

Just a weekly bit of fun whereby I can natter about any culinary ‘inventions’, successes and disasters in the kitchen.


… it’s déjà vu all over again, but the pork shoulder was on special offer! Different cut though, so I’ll let myself off. The pork shoulder is best slow roasted for hours and hours so I put it in a really hot oven for 30 minutes then turned heat right down for about four hours. I served it with carrot & potato mash, French beans, roast apples, crispy crunchy crackling, and gravy. The roast pork was fab, uber tasty, and the best thing was that we had loads ‘o’ leftovers!


… I didn’t have to think too hard because we had leftovers but I wanted most of the meal to be different so I roasted some potatoes, and made up some sage & onion stuffing to bake. I served it all with wilted spring greens with black pepper (lots of freshly ground pepper. LOTS!!) and, wait for it… gravy!


… The trusty freezer helped out again. I hadn’t planned anything because I wanted to use up some frozen and fridge items so the fish fingers stepped up, as did wraps, romaine lettuce, onion, cucumber, my volcanic chilli sauce and mayo. I baked the fish fingers and repeated the British fish taco of a week or so ago. I served it with oven bake curly fries which were a novelty, and tasty!


… WedJ wasn’t visiting so we had leftover lamb methi, Bombay aloo, and basmati rice from Friday. To change things around a little I decided to attempt a ‘bhuna prawn and puri’ style starter. We’ve only ever had this dish as take-away, so research was needed. The puri was the most important aspect, it’s turned out it’s a fried flatbread. After looking at many recipes it occurred to me that the naan dough I had made on Friday (remember? The dough I could have made flip flop soles with?) was almost identical to the puri, AAAND I had some raw dough left over. Result! I let the dough come up to temperature before rolling out two balls and frying them in a little sunflower oil. They were pretty good for a mock up. I need to roll them out more thinly though, which is always my problem with breads and pizza bases. I think they are as thin as they can be but it turns out they’re not.

Next I started on the prawn topping. I didn’t really follow a recipe, I just used the staple Indian aromatics and spices; garlic, ginger, onion, chilli, cumin, coriander, garam masala, turmeric, cayenne, salt, and black mustard seeds. I added tomato and water to make a sauce and cooked it down. When we were ready to eat I added defrosted cooked and peeled prawns (thanks, freezer), chopped coriander leaves and gently warmed the prawns. It was a great starter, I’ll be tweaking it and improving!


… I didn’t cook!!! Woohoo! We had takeaway of a ‘mixed kebab’. Doner meat isn’t my favourite thing but I had tried some of C’s recently from a particular place and they’ve got some good flavours going on, I swear there’s a good hit of lemon, which isn’t usual I don’t think. It’s also not greasy so I wanted to try. The doner meat, chicken, and shish comes with salad, pitta and garlic sauce. We removed at least half of the meat from the meal to use in something else as there was far too much but it was a really good kebab, and the salad was delicious, mainly because the pickled cabbage wasn’t too pickled as it often is. Most of the kebab salads draw all of the moisture from inside your cheeks!


… I wanted to use the leftover meats from the kebab so I went down the route of one of the other kebabs you can buy from most places, the ‘Halep special’. This is my favourite, but it’s more expensive and I like to cook some rice at home to eat with, which defeats the object of a takeaway. Anyway, the kebab meats are chopped and served in a rich sauce/gravy that has a chilli kick. It’s delicious served with rice so I tried to emulate this dish. I sautéed onions, peppers, garlic, and fresh chilli for a while before adding some tinned tomato and stock. I sprinkled in some thyme and a pinch of chilli flakes before simmering until it reduced. Towards the end I added the chopped kebab meats and cooked it all to let the flavours infuse. I finished off my fresh coriander too by adding it at the end. I served this with, you guessed it; basmati rice!


… I could make something up but I won’t! Remember I don’t like to cook on a Saturday? Well… We had ready meals! As ready meals go they are good ones, but still. C had fish pie which looked very good, a selection of fish in a thick cheesy sauce topped with mashed potato. I had braised beef and mash which is delicious for a ready meal. I cooked some petits pois to go with both. Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of these two delights!

My 'Halep Special' kebab, & Prawn & Puri
My ‘Halep Special’ kebab, & Prawn & Puri
My mad weekly kitchen diary

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