A name. Yes, it matters.

Does it matter what we call the evile extremist group R.H? (You might be confused, go one letter up in the alphabet and flip it, that gives you one of their acronyms. I refuse to write any of their names.)

It absolutely does matter for many reasons in my opinion.

I hate that many call them *****ic **ate because this group is a minority. The majority of people following the religion mentioned are peaceful people. They are also not a state; at least not in the context they are using the word. They are a bunch of psychopaths that murder people, not a smaller part of a country.

There is another acronym that is being used that has upset me the most and used to be only associated with an Egyptian goddess with headdress shaped like a throne, and cow horns. She was the wife of Osiris and a protective goddess that used magic to help the needy, also often called the goddess of magic AND life. Does that sound like the group I’m talking about??

We need to take away their name. They are terrorists. We take away their name, we take away their air. They are probably trawling through social media (which is ironic, as they hate the west so much; but use western tech) as we speak, puffing up their scrawny little chests as they see how many people write about them. Some are giving oxygen to their cause. Don’t hashtag them, don’t refer to them by name. The media does enough to boost their psychopathic egos, showing videos etc., let’s not do it on social media, and while we’re at it, if you do, don’t watch the videos on YouTube, every hit will be skewed by them in some way.

If we starve them of the oxygen of publicity, they will hopefully go away. And if you must call the something, try Daesh. At least that’s an insult.

A name. Yes, it matters.

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