Il est pas notre responsabilité? – Calais

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by following the town with the name of the country, as one member of the Twitter illiterati berated the BBC for omitting, but if you aren’t sure there will be clues.

I’m not going down the rabbit hole and talking about ALL of the problems the EU has with migrants, because they are many and complicated. It would take more than one measly blog post to ponder that with sensitivity. I’m also only pondering logistics, not the reason anyone has to make the journey.

With all that said I’m going to stick to Calais, which is about 30 miles from Britain. I travel farther than that in a round trip to the vets.

Calais has many immigrants camping out, before trying to get to Britain. It must be difficult for France to deal with, but it’s most definitely easier to sort out in Calais than it would be once the people have made it to Britain. And, the last I heard the immigrants would be illegal in France as well as Britain. Why isn’t Calais doing more to round them up?? These people; predominantly men, are in large groups in Calais, and surely much easier to arrest. Once they get to Britain they go underground, and it’s impossible to police. The lorry drivers have to deal with attempts by immigrants to hop on their trucks to make the crossing. If the immigrants are successful and the driver gets ‘caught’ with the men on their truck, they are heavily fined.

It may be that everyone who needs to is doing a fantastic job, and doing their very best to sort out this situation, and if that’s the case; apologies, but it needs to look like it to us mere mortals.

I would urge France and the UK to get their heads together and put some sensible precautions in place, and take sensible action, the UK HAS to help but in this instance it needs to start in Calais.

Il est pas notre responsabilité? – Calais

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