Athletic dopes and karma

I love athletics, but of late I have felt most uncomfortable whilst watching some of it. The reason? Doping.

I like to think of myself as a considered person, and with this in mind I’ll take you back a few years. One of GB’s 100m athletes, Dwain Chambers, served a doping ban. When he came back to competition my considered response was “He’s served his ban under the rules, those are the rules. Move on”

Now, looking back, DC ran, but didn’t win. This I was happy with. Without actually knowing, I was comfy that karma seemed to be keeping DC where he should be.

Fast forward to present day. The likes of Justin Gatlin and Tyson Gay have served their doping bans. They’ve served their ban under the rules, those are the rules. But it’s so different for me. As I sit watching them race, and win. I feel I am watching something grubby. There’s always a question lingering in my head. So the win is not a good win. Not a trusted win, and I’m not alone in my thoughts, I’m sure.

This is not a country thing. If an athlete is exceptional and has a good attitude I want them to do well regardless of their country. One of my favourite athletes was Tyson Gay, which makes me so sad, and it makes me even sadder that KARMA DIDN’T KICK IN.

Karma needed to not let the likes of Justin Gatlin win races.

Karma needed to not let the likes of Justin Gatlin break world records.

Karma needed to stop clean athletes feeling like their job is a battle.

If karma had done its job I would not be pondering this, but, karma, you have failed lamentably. So as I sit, feeling grubby, watching JG gesticulate at the camera after winning another race in a record time at a record age. I know my opinion has changed re doping bans.

Doping bans need to be for life.

Athletic dopes and karma

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