A wasted vote is a wasters vote…

Well, it’s nearly THAT time again. That time where great responsibility is hoisted on to the shoulders of us mere mortals…

The 2015 general election.

It is also THAT time again. That time where people that can’t be bothered to vote use the old chestnut “I won’t vote because my vote is a wasted vote.”

When I read between that line, I see “I won’t vote because I won’t/may not get the result I want so I’m not even going to try.”

Grow up.

I rarely get the result I want, but I want my preferred candidate to see the numbers in the hope that it helps to spur them onward and upward.

People died so that we as a whole nation can vote, heck, women died so that I as a female can vote, and we have one of the most transparent and fair election systems. Okay, you may not like the first past the post system, but you still know what the system is and that the voting isn’t rigged as is alleged in some countries.

In my opinion, and I know my opinion isn’t worth much, but it’s been well thought about, I assure you, a vote cast is NEVER a wasted vote. Every candidate will know how many votes were cast in their favour, and will probably use that information to benefit themselves or their party in the next election.

The other problem I see the ‘wasted vote’ brigade causing, is that maybe ‘safe’ seats wouldn’t be quite so safe IF THE ‘WASTED VOTE’ PEOPLE VOTED.


And before my horse gets too high (that we have a vote is very important to me, as you can probably tell) I want to say this…

If you also think about elections only in terms of the different leaders, don’t. Forget about Mr Clegg, Mr Cameron, Mr Miliband, Ms Bennett, and Mr Farage and others. Remove them from the equation. This isn’t a presidential election. Think about where you live. What do you want for your town or city? This is effectively what you are voting for.

So, please vote, and vote with your heart. Vote for something you believe in.

A wasted vote is a wasters vote…

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