My husband can do magic!

Ta dah!!!!

Did you see what he did?!


Ok. I’ll explain…

My fab hubby sells stuff on the internet. The nature of this business means he has to keep a close eye on postage costs for new items. Now. He’s not being a pedant here. The pricing for parcels by the Royal Fail Mail can be quite expensive, which can make selling some items unworkable, so he needs to be vigilant.

Recently he bought some tv brackets and standing looking at the packaged bracket he thought to himself that postage would be good because this package was only 7cm wide, 3cm deep, and 49cm long. So, yes, long but narrow.
Hubby merrily wended his way to the post office for a price check. The post office performs these checks with various sized slots. The cashier asked him to drop the package through the ‘small parcel’ slot. He dropped it through lengthways and of course it had plenty of room. He then had to turn it around (so it didn’t fit) and was told it would be a ‘medium parcel’ because there is a limit on length (45cm).
“But it fits when you insert it the way anybody would…” he said.
“It’s still a medium parcel.”
After thinking for a second or two he suggested “I could get a box or bubble bag of 45cm and place the bracket in diagonally and that would go through the small parcel slot?”
“Yes, you probably could…” Replied the cashier

At this point I’ll say a second class small parcel costs £2.80, and a medium parcel costs from £5.20 to £8.00, so you see why there is an issue.

C then tried calling Royal Mail to see if any sense could be made. The ‘customer service’ representative repeated what the cashier had said and in reply to C’s bubble bag solution retorted “Get a bubble bag then.”

So… back to the magic. How do you turn a MEDIUM parcel into a SMALL parcel (without taking a chainsaw to the offending item)??

Impossible! You think. Not if you’re my husband. And below I have the evidence…

He fitted this MEDIUM parcel…

Medium Parcel
MEDIUM parcel!

… Into this SMALL parcel…

SMALL parcel!
SMALL parcel!

See?! Magic…

A MEDIUM parcel inside a SMALL parcel
A MEDIUM parcel inside a SMALL parcel

Disclaimer: No Post Office cashiers or Royal Fail Mail representatives were harmed in the writing of this post.

My husband can do magic!

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