It’s International Day of Happiness!

Imagine my glee when I saw on the ever informative Twitter that today is the ‘International Day of Happiness’. You couldn’t make it up! All will become clear, but suffice to say this is serendipity at its best.

Why? Because many, many things make me happy and some of them are, frankly, weird. So I had already started this post to be published today. This post concentrates on the less normal things that make ME happy. After all, we all know the usual things that make us happy; life, love, family, friends etc.. The list is long, and varied depending on the person, so I’m concentrating on my strange list.


In my work…
Using a ballpoint pen until it runs out: Often the pens go missing. This is because of any of a few reasons…
Reason number one? Squeeky. She will take pens out of the holder and drop them down the back of the semi-fitted desk, rendering them irretrievable unless I dismantle my office.
Reason number two? C. He can stand at my office door, or, in other words the OPPOSITE end of the room from me, talking work stuff, whilst I’m working. I see him by door, I look down to get my pen, it is not there. It’s like magic! I don’t see him come anywhere near me yet he manages to steal my pen.

Having enough compliment slips for the day’s post: If they run out, I only ever need one extra. So that rare day that I have just enough is very satisfying. The other days where I have more than enough do not even register, but that is the way my mind works!

Getting to the end of the day’s processing before anything else is purchased: Trying not to bore you too much with logistics. I have a cut off time daily for processing/packaging as I have other jobs to do and we only go to the post office once per day. Petrol is expensive and husb has his shop to run. If a new sale comes in at any point up until labels are printed and paperwork is done I will add them, but once that point is reached it’s next working day. If I can get the dispatch emails done and get away from husb’s email address before any further purchases are made I breathe a huge happy sigh of relief! Until tomorrow…


In my personal life…
When the tv channels don’t squish the credits: This happens rarely, so when they allow me to read the names of those very important people without a magnifying glass it’s a great moment.

The doorbell NOT ringing: The rare morning that I am not woken up by the post or delivery man ringing the doorbell is a special day indeed! I cherish each one!

Munching: The sound of the Squeeky and Ember crunching on their food is music to my ears.

Snoring: The sound of little kitty snores is just delightful. If they ever do programmable digital metronomes I want my rhythmic sound to be Ember snores.

Cadbury’s Finger straws: I don’t do this often for obvious reasons, one of which is that I’m supposed to be a grown up. But imagine taking a Cadbury’s Finger. Then imagine taking a teeny bite from each end. Then also imagine immersing one end of the Finger into your (not too hot) coffee and using it as a straw. Imagine sucking the coffee through the Finger, and when the coffee reaches your mouth, imagine eating the ‘straw’. It may be THE best way to eat a Cadbury’s finger. I probably shouldn’t have told you that. For obvious reasons…

It’s International Day of Happiness!

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