I’ve been pondering ranting about this one for a while. It’s a very difficult and emotive, and polarising subject. A recent event though has spurred me to put words to virtual paper. I apologise in advance for the accessive use of the word ‘allegedly’. I don’t want my backside sued.

The recent event being Rachel Canning, an 18 year old from New Jersey, who for whatever reason (she allegedly either left of her own volition or was allegedly asked to leave by parents) no longer lives in the family home, but saw fit to sue her parents for tuition, and living expenses it seems.

The reason they are at this place differs depending which side you sit on. But the parents say they had a few basic house rules that allegedly weren’t followed, and the daughter allegedly says the parents were being unreasonable.

However they got to this place, the fact is they are there, and it is a terrible situation for all concerned. I hope at some point they get past this and reconcile. I’m willing to bet though that this event would never have happened if it weren’t for this sense of entitlement that is spreading like Japanese Knotweed.
The parents have won the first round of the lawsuit and for this, I am glad. For me the bottom line is, if you leave home, you are an adult. Adults are expected to be responsible for themselves. We aren’t entitled to much, but some think they are entitled to everything.

As a Brit, I value with a passion the fact that we have a free (at the point of use) health service, and a benefits system for those that need it. But because we have it, a lot of people think they are entitled to it.
Well you’re not. It is a privilege. So before you whine on twitter about not getting a (FREE) doctor’s appointment at the exact time you wanted it, remember that in other countries you would be charged. And while we’re on the subject of doctors’ appointments. If you make an appointment, keep it. The only excuse you have for not attending or cancelling is that you died. Last year the NHS say 12 million doctors’ appointments were missed, as well as just under 7 million hospital outpatients appointments*. Would this happen in a country where one has to pay. I would hazard a guess at, not. Because in the UK some people feel entitled to waste a doctor’s valuable time, and deprive a genuinely poorly person of a speedy appointment.

If you get benefits of any sort, please try and appreciate the fact that you do. Remember there is not a money tree that the government pick notes from to cover costs. It’s this country’s taxes. It’s that someone bothered to put the system in place. However badly you think it’s handled, it’s there.

If you are an MP, please consider that most of us workers cannot claim expenses for everything that we spend, and if we can claim anything at all, we have to provide a receipt (or evidence) for that purchase. Normally though, our wage has to cover it. So please do not be greedy when you claim your very generous expenses. Consider that you also, are privileged, not entitled.

*Source: BBC News


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