Team Player?

On Celebrity Big Brother (Yes, I watch Big Brother. I like to see – and am mostly shocked by – the way people behave) recently, there was, shall we say, an eclectic mix of celebrities. This mix included a woman called Luisa who was previously on ‘The Apprentice’, so I know a little of her from the television. Luisa is bright; at least I feel she is in a business sense. She has her own successful businesses and tells us so frequently.

There were many arguments in the Big Brother house, and often Luisa was in the middle. One particular argument centered around ironing. Yes, you read right. IRONING. A man in the house had the gall to question why she wouldn’t iron a man’s shirts, as she had previously stated. She followed up with, “I watched my mum ironing my dad’s shirts, he would say, ‘they’re wrong, do it again’, I swore I would never do that.” And she was awfully offended that the housemate had even made such an outrageous suggestion.

Well frankly? I’m offended that she’s offended.

I’m married.

There are two of us.*

It is a partnership.

When I iron I do THE ironing, not HIS ironing or MY ironing. When I do laundry, I do THE laundry, not HIS, or MINE. When I cook dinner, I do THE dinner, not HIS dinner or MINE. This is a team. Some things I do, some things he does. He doesn’t put HIS rubbish out. He puts THE rubbish out. The stuff we do, we do for the easy running of the household. If I asked C to do ironing, he would, without complaint, but I don’t, because he works very hard doing other things. I can take a ten minute break from my work (which is necessary as I’m on a computer) and nip and iron a couple of things throughout the day, and I do.

Don’t get me wrong. If C complained (which he wouldn’t, he’s fab!) about my ironing, I would iron his clothes one more time, to put an iron shaped singe mark on each, and every item. But that’s beside the point because he wouldn’t complain so his clothes are safe.

So I feel her views are a little self-centered. I understand that her dad’s comment wasn’t good, but not all partners are like that, so if she is still single I’m not that surprised. A relationship is hard enough without pettiness thrown into the mix. Or should I say ‘power plays’ thrown into the mix? Because that’s what it feels like to me.

*And the cats, but they don’t wear clothes.

Team Player?

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