The beast that is ‘beauty’

Do we value beauty above all else? This was one of the debates on The Wright Stuff on Friday 17th Jan.

I have a feeling that they chose that day to have the debate because one of the guests was Olympic gold medallist swimmer Rebecca Adlington. Let me just say that again. Olympic gold medallist. Double Olympic gold medallist. Oh and she has a couple of bronze medals too.

And the reason the debate was considered at all I should think was that Rebecca was on the most recent ‘I’m a celebrity get me out of here’. As was the Host of The Wright Stuff, Matthew Wright, so as well as getting the televised and edited version we got the account that was first hand.

A conversation was started about ‘the way people look’ and one person involved was Amy, sorry, I don’t know her last name. I think she’s a beauty queen. The upshot was that the really very lovely Rebecca got a little upset in the private talking area because she considers that she is not ‘one of those beautiful ones’, and apparently morons on social media often tell her as much. Forget about the fact that she seems like a genuinely lovely and physically attractive person, who has won Olympic medals. The ‘keyboard warriors’ have found something about Rebecca’s appearance to latch on to and use it against her, a mere 25 year old, on such a regular basis that a simple conversation can bring to the fore her insecurities, and perhaps cause her to lose sight of her amazing achievements.

They don’t consider the work she put in to become a medal winner. From a young age she must have missed doing the stuff other kids do because she was in the pool. They don’t consider how delighted we were when she won her medals. Her gold medals were pre 2012, sometimes they were few and far between. This woman should be celebrated and treated with nothing but kindness. I don’t know what it is about some Brits that they have to be horrible about someone’s appearance. Well, I do know. It’s jealousy. They don’t like people to have something they don’t, so instead of celebrating and being happy when someone does well, they are bitter, therefore they ridicule.

I want to, and will, celebrate people for their achievements, not their appearance, they didn’t have much to do with that. But just remember beauty comes from within, and is in the eye of the beholder. I’m looking at you, keyboard warriors, and not liking what I see.

The beast that is ‘beauty’

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