If you’re British…

… Don’t say ‘awesome’.
We say BRILLIANT, AMAZING, or FANTASTIC! Or colloquially we might say ‘boss’, ‘bostin’ ‘, or ‘wicked’.

… Don’t say it ‘sucks’.
Unless we are talking about the performance of a vacuum cleaner. We say it’s RUBBISH, AWFUL, TERRIBLE, HORRENDOUS, or HORRID.

… Don’t say ‘zee’.
We say ZED. We’ll pronounce Mr Jay Z’s name as ‘Jay Zee’, because that’s his name and therefore respectful, but otherwise? IT’S ZED!

… Don’t say ‘shopping cart’.
We say shopping TROLLEY. Why would we rather say ‘cart’? TROLLEY is cute, it rolls off the tongue…

… Don’t say ‘vacation’.
We say HOLIDAY. Yes, I know that means we shouldn’t say ‘staycation’, but frankly? We’ll survive without it.

I love to hear my US people say/type these words. It fits, but from a Brit it just sounds/looks a little strange!

If you’re British…

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