So the last I did anything with my blog I mentioned I was busy in November, but would be back in December.

Happy (January) 2014!!

I apologise for my absence, but I’m sure you all coped. I will attempt to fill in the blanks now.

So. I wrote a story. A very long story. It could fill a book.

With motivation from a friend and NaNoWriMo, in November I passed the fifty thousand word target, then after a day or two’s break I finished up my first draft.


The only thing I didn’t do was give it a title, and I am still struggling with that. Don’t get me wrong, it DID have a title. You see I thought about and jotted down a page of this story years ago, and gave it a title then. In December I noticed a book on the shelf of my local post office with the same title. So I’m back to square one. I wonder if I could just give it a random title? I could call it ‘I like baked beans WITH toast, not ON toast’. That title has no relevance to the story; it just proves that I’m a sorry excuse for a Brit, as ‘baked beans on toast’ has probably been a staple since tinned baked beans arrived on our shores. Truth be told, I don’t really like baked beans. Anyway, rambling. Can you believe I am concise when I write a story? I get my ramble on here, it seems.

So December happened. We had guests early in the month then my husband was away for a few days. Before I knew it I was scrambling to get ready for the festive period and also my (only) annual holiday.

I managed to get everything organised and I got ready for the impending battles. The week before xmas I was very positive and up-beat, repeating to myself “they will not get the better of me. I will be strong! I am in control!!” Fast forward to the 3rd of January and I am crestfallen, defeated. I’ve had enough. I admit it. I am not in control. “I can rescue my sanity though!” I thought, and with that I took the xmas tree down.

The relief was overwhelming. I have 350 odd days until the battle with my furry friends starts all over again. 350 odd days until I deal with the chewed through wires, the baubles all over the floor, the camouflaged black cat that I know is in the black tree, I can hear her chirping – yes, she chirps – proudly from the depths, but can’t see because she has rendered herself invisible. I’m sure she has a cloak. I have 350 odd days until I have to shut the lounge door to keep the girls away from the tree then spend all night worrying they are ripping the carpet to shreds in a bid to dig under the threshold.

Can you see what it is yet?!


It’s a good job those two are cute, that’s all I can say.

I also have 350 odd days before I get really excited about the festive season and my annual holiday!

NB. Someone please remind me, to remind my husband, to bring the soldering iron home when I put the tree up next festive season? There are some wires that neeed repairing…


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