It’s an original sin

I saw a headline somewhere that David Tennant was perhaps going to appear in the US VERSION of Broadchurch.


No.. Not David Tennant in the US Version of Broadchurch…

STOP with the US version of Broadchurch.

American programme makers. I love you. I LOVE your work. I watch a very very large amount of US programming, but I love your ORIGINAL work. The Newsroom? Stunning. A town called Eureka? Quirky. Grey’s? Adorable. I could go on, but the point is, they are all original.

PLEASE STOP ‘remaking’ great television shows that were born abroad. Buy the rights to show the originals. You do not know what you are depriving your viewers of when you remake ‘The Killing’ but fail to broadcast Forbrydelsen. OK. I could only stomach four episodes of The Killing US. As a massive fan of the original you totally missed the point in my humble opinion. You may think that US viewers can’t handle a few subtitles. I disagree. And if this is the case you are insulting their intelligence.

You also insult their intelligence if you have to ‘Americanise’ British programmes for fear the American watcher ‘won’t get’ the Brit version. WELL THAT’S THE POINT. People have different tastes. Some will get it, some won’t. Some will adore the programme, some won’t. That’s why here, programmes don’t normally get viewing figures that match the population. Recently, for the purposes of research I have watched a few episodes of both The Office, and Shameless, and each version from opposite sides of the pond. I’m not a fan of either (British) programme as is obvious by the fact I don’t watch. The Office is as far from my humour as anything could be, and Shameless, well, I’m speechless. What I do know is tho’, that I actually almost enjoyed the US version of Shameless in the couple of episodes I watched. HUH? I hear you say… It is totally different to the vibe the UK version gives. My personal tastes make me cringe at UK. But I almost enjoyed the US version. So they are clearly very different. If you must ‘copy’ a programme, change a few things – Oh… Wait… You already do change stuff – and call the show something else for goodness sake!

So dear television people. Stop being skinflints. Buy the original! You would also be recognising these brilliant programme creators for their work by buying and broadcasting the original, instead of buying rights to copy. Give Americans the choice. Please. I want my friends to be able to watch Forbrydelsen!

It’s an original sin

2 thoughts on “It’s an original sin

  1. Penny says:

    Broadchurch was bought by BBC America which has limited viewership because it is considered an upper-tier channel by many cable companies. Broadchurch had an average viewership of about 600K in the US. Compare that to the UK’s 10 million for the final episode. What those numbers mean is that very few people in the US watched it. So, why shouldn’t Chris Chibnall shoot for an American version on a network like FOX which had millions of viewers? Chibnall is going to write the first episode and will be Executive Producer. David Tennant obviously has enough faith in the project to sign on board.

    I, for one, am looking forward to it. I hope it’s a huge success here and then people in American can finally see what a fine actor David Tennant is. They also might then decided to pick up the DVD of the UK version and compare the two.


    1. RayKay57 says:

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sure you will enjoy Broadchurch US, I would want nothing else. If it had a different title I’m sure you would enjoy it too!


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