The worst day of the year…

Tuesday was that day. Every year I dread this day absolutely. I dread this day more than ‘paying my tax bill’ day. I dread this day more than ‘having lady parts checked’ day. I could go on. But I won’t. Suffice to say believe me when I say this day is THE most traumatic day of our year. (mentally hear over dramatic music whilst you read)

And what day is this?

Taking Ember & Squeeky for their boosters & check ups.

Yes. Cats. Teeny cats. Angelic, cute, cats.

Yeah right..!


Little Angels!


The ordeal fun started before we’d even left the house. It was like a scene out of Benny Hill but fully clothed. C and I dashing around the living room trying to catch Squeeky. She was behind the couch, under tables, over chairs. She’s FAST!!! We finally managed to catch her by going in from two sides. Catching her was the first hurdle. We then had to get her into the box. She has this uncanny knack of making herself HUGE, and that along with the wriggling, hissing, and legs splayed, made it a mammoth task to get her in the stupid cat box. When we were finally done C was bleeding from a few places, I was dishevelled, and Squeeky was REALLY unhappy. We knew this because she proceeded to throw herself around the box, shrieking and growling.

While all this was going on Ember was waiting in the hallway having been popped into another box as quickly and painlessly as it could be. She’s a little trooper! We intentionally left her in the hallway so she wasn’t witness to Squeeky-gate. But by the time we had caught the naughty furball, Ember was a wreck. Plaintive little meows as if to say “Oh no… What’s going on..? I’m scared.”

C and I took one box each and left the house. It was getting to the stage where we may have been late for the appointment. Squeeky sounded as if we were trying to murder her, and everyone on the street was looking at us as we went to the car. I somehow ended up with the Squeeky box, which is twice as heavy as the Ember box, so with Squeeky hurling herself around said box it was difficult not to drop her but I managed. We buckled them up and we were off.

Now. Our vet is in another town. They are very good vets so we think the journey is worth it as a rule. In the past we’ve had cats with many problems, and these guys go above and beyond with care & kindness. It did cross our mind though, with two fighting (literally) fit cats that the journey was very traumatic for them. You see we had a 40 odd mile round trip, with Squeeky and Ember yelling (Miaowing), Ember mirroring Squeeky. It was constant. “MIAOW* (miaow**). MIAOW (miaow). MIAOW (miaow).” Squeeky was a little horse by the time we arrived at the vet’s.

During the appointment Squeeky was very good. Ember on the other hand was growly and hissy, then finished with the Benny Hill thing around a 3 metre square room containing 3 adults and an examination table, it was impressive! Why she didn’t want to GO BACK IN HER BOX SO WE COULD GO HOME I do not know. But with the three of us we managed without too much trouble.

They had got their boosters and been checked over and were given a clean bill of health. Squeeky weighs over 4 kilos (She’s aged 2), Ember weighs under 3 kilos (She’s aged 4). Squeeky’s right eye will always be dodgy but she doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. So all was good!

The journey home was as noisy as the journey there, but somehow felt a little calmer. Maybe I was calmer!

I hope that that’s it for another year. If it is the cats have no health issues, which is what we truly hope for. So fingers crossed!


The worst day of the year…

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