Wordy Wednesday – Noodles?!

My favourite US twitter friend wrote the following on her blog yesterday;

“I recently got a lot of flack from my favorite UK pals because my FIRST Sunday Roast was “non-traditional”..” [sic]

Ok. I can’t speak for others but I questioned a part of her glorious Sunday roast not because it wasn’t traditional, but because… Noodles?!

No. No. No!

Noodles as in ‘eaten with a Chinese meal’? Or noodles as the other word for pasta? Either way they have NO place near a SUNDAY ROAST!!

As an apparent ‘red’ there can be only one carbohydrate next to that sumptuous Sunday roast, and that is… – dah dah dahhhhh – THE POTATO.

The king of carbs.

The maker of meals.

The blocker of exhausts.

The oh so humble potato.

Whether you want smooth, creamy, mash. Or semolina embraced crispy crunchy, yet fluffy in the middle roasties. You may want melt in the mouth garlicky, creamy dauphinoise potatoes, or the savoury boulangere. Heck even plain old boiled – you can mash as you eat! – whichever. The choice is yours. But your gravy NEEDS that potato. NEEDS I tell you!

NB: The mashed version is also very proficient at keeping those unruly petit pois under control, should you have teeny peas with your dinner.

The protein is the star I know, but this star is inconsistent. You never know what you are going to get. You might get beef, then next week chicken.

And forget those plumpcious clouds that are Yorkshire puddings. As delicious as they are, they should only be served with beef. They don’t play well with others. Most of the UK will shake their fists at me here because lots of people have Yorkshires with every protein. Well? You’re wrong! Sorry (not sorry).

So it falls on the potato to be the constant. That culinary friend that is not particularly glamorous but is ALWAYS there. Reliable and comforting. The potato doesn’t yell “look at me!” like that pesky attention seeking meat, and doesn’t need the worry and attention those neurotic Yorkshire puddings crave. The potato is comfortable in its own skin – mmmm, potato skins – and so adaptable. It fits in well in most situations and as previously alluded to the potato is a master of disguise.

In light of this information there is never an excuse to NOT have potatoes with your Sunday roast, traditional or not. Even if you’re a blue…

But… Should you ever want dinner on a Sunday that consists of tender slow braised beef with delicious noodles, my friend has a recipe for that!

Wordy Wednesday – Noodles?!

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