Music scales

No not those scales. This is me. I’m talking about the/my mood scale.

Not the mood that prompts me to listen to a song, the mood that hearing a song will create.

I’m not a lyrics person as much as a sound person, a vibe person. I don’t take much notice of the lyrics. Which in itself can be a problem. I bought a CD years ago for a relative because I thought she’d like it. Great vibe! After the opening of the gifts she questioned why I’d got the CD for her in particular. My response was just that I thought she would like the style and sound. Over thinking, as usual, I started to worry that the reason she questioned is because the MAIN lyric of the MAIN song is “… nothing’s sweet about me.” She IS sweet. And it was ALL about the vibe! Some lyrics may indeed correlate with a joyful song or a depressing song. But it’s still, for me, about the vibe.

So anyway. I’ve thought about this post for a while. From which end of the scale do I start? What does ‘where I start’ say about me?

I’m going to start with the songs that make me happy, even euphoric. I’ll spend as little time as possible on the ones that make me unhappy/angry/frustrated at the end and then go and play some happy songs to nullify the downers.

  • This first one. Well. It’s almost difficult to put into words how this song makes me feel. ‘Sweet Disposition’ is AMAZING. Still. It resonates with me. And it shouldn’t be played too often because it’s capable of making us forget to do normal things, like breathe. Oh what the heck, who needs to breathe, play it A LOT!!
  • Now. Nelly. I pretty much love anything he does, but an album track, ‘In my life’ makes me joyful.
  • This THIRD one is pretty apt. it’s called ‘Happiness’, funny that. It makes me VERY happy. Bounce about the living room happy. Tigger bounce.
  • Next I’m going for ‘Fireflies’, it makes me all hug-y (Actual hug. With arms) and floaty!
  • I mustn’t forget Charlie Brown. Even his name makes me happy. The song ‘On my way’ is inspirational and I love to feel inspired!

There are many many more but I’m going to start the descent. But first one more song that makes me very happy. Don’t be fooled by the title, ‘La la la’. It’s a tad dark, but it makes me SO happy the way Sam Smith sings those dark words.

Now. The middle of my scale is stuff I’m indifferent to. Songs I have never bought. Because to me they pass me right on by. I will probably buck a few trends here, and remember it’s my opinion. First one. Choose anything by Mumford and Sons. I do not dislike them, I do not like them. Their songs make me feel, well, nothing. Zip. I normally feel ‘something’ with songs, but these guys, nope.

Justin Beiber songs have the same effect. Or non-effect. Total indifference. This is not to say I think the previous two are bad. Clearly not. They are very popular (<< understatement of the decade) but they go right over my head.

Angry/frustrated… Aaargh! Even thinking about it makes me fractious. I won’t link to songs because that would be unfair (to me)! Biased I know, but it’s my ramble! So.. ANYTHING by Westlife that’s a cover version, which was most of their stuff frankly. Frustrated me immensely because when they (very rarely) did original stuff it was very good.
And lastly, the songs that make me so gloomy I may chuck myself off a bridge (ok, the bottom step of the stairs) are all by one person. Lana Del Rey. GLOOMY MUCH?? My brow is furrowing now at the thought. Are some people made happy by the gloomy? Or does everyone else hear sweetness and light and it’s just my strangeness that only hears gloom.

Maybe I should listen to the words…

Somewhat ironic that I chose ‘lyric videos’ instead of originals, it was in hope that you won’t have any geo problems related to ads. Just REMEMBER, it’s not about the lyrics!!! Close your eyes and in the words of the late great Patrick Swayze, feel the music.

In case any of the links don’t behave here is a list of the songs I linked to should you choose to search/have a listen.

  • Gabriella Cilmi – Sweet about me
  • The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
  • Nelly – In my life
  • Jordan Sparks – Happiness
  • Owl City – Fireflies
  • Charlie Brown – On my way
  • Naughty Boy ft Sam Smith – La la la

Thanks to the following YouTubers, I linked to their vids.

  • JenniiBabehh
  • hobolls123
  • RyanManUCR7
  • Fane03
  • Julie Camille
  • ibeautifulme96
  • Jake Gardner
Music scales

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