Wordy Wednesday – #AnnoyingHashtags!

I know I probably don’t use hashtags correctly. I normally use them to add that bit of extra information that I can’t fit in to a regular tweet. Clicking on one of my hashtags will only probably bring up that tweet as a result. It will not open up a plethora of like minded people with fantastic, useful, information. After all, I’m fairly sure there’s only one #SqueekysTail!

I do though, try not to bamboozle & befuddle anyone who may be reading my tweet. I try to make it as clear as possible. I love reading hashtags, I love getting in on the fun hashtags but I am going to HAVE to poke fun at some of the hashtags. So, sorry if any of these apply to you… #Awkward!

You know those hashtags..?

Those… #sthatarereallyreallylongbuttheydonothavecapitallettersatthebeginningofeachwordtoenableustoreaditwit

Yeah… They’re #Annoying.

Even some short hashtags are ‘dangerous’ with the lack of a capital letter. Last year twitterland was all excited by a #superbowl. I was dizzy with anticipation! Now, I’m not a twitcher – unless you count my nervous tick – but I am partial to a majestic owl. But twitter was teasing. There was no
sign of a superb owl. Not a dickie bird. So to console myself I watched the Super Bowl, which helped a little. Ok. A lot.

And what about those hashtags?

#ReplaceAFilmTitleWithRhubarb type hashtags….?

Lets play! *ponders* I know! I’ve got one! #Rhubarb (That great film with Denzel Washington). *ponders some more* Ooh! Another! #Rhubarb (Leonardo & Kate & a ship).
Anyway, you see where I’m going hashtag creator? I think you needed to add ‘AWordIn’ to your, when correct, extremely entertaining hashtag. Sorted.

Then there are those tweets…

#Where #Every #Word #Is #A #Hashtag. #Yeah #That #Is #Very #Annoying

And those hashtags…

The hashtags that seem to state the blooming obvious? My favourite (I know how useful this one is, but it really makes me giggle)… #AmWriting. Yup. You just tweeted. That’s writing! And Thank you dear tweeter, for using #Parenting at the end of your tweet. Until I saw that hashtag I was envisioning that you had taken a herd of baby goats to a cinema.

And lastly those hashtags that…

Have poor self esteem. They try to sound more scintillating than they are? You know the ones I mean. Here’s an example… If you’re a foodie, you LOVE looking at pictures of food, you need no reason to look at the image other than ‘it’s a food pic’!! So… A description of the food in a hashtag, or just the hashtag #FoodPic would suffice. We do not have to be excited, or titillated. We do not have to be persuaded to look at your glorious food picture. SO LESS OF THE #FoodPorn HASHTAG EH?! Food hashtags; you are fabulous just as you are, you already captivate us! You do not need to dress yourself up. And I for one definitely do not need the visual image that seeing #FoodPorn invokes.

Wordy Wednesday – #AnnoyingHashtags!

4 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday – #AnnoyingHashtags!

  1. I use the #amwriting hashtag periodically because I occasionally follow that conversation and can find other writers that way.

    It hurts me most when a grammatically incorrect hashtag trends. For hours. It hurts me. So much. There was one last weekend. I had to turn off Twitter.


    1. RayKay57 says:

      The AmWriting hashtag is absolutely useful, the child in me just finds it funny!

      Oh dear, it is very painful to see an incorrect TT. Doh! I was going to mention a your/you’re error. Drives me insane, in both hashtags & tweets in general. If I ever commit a sin that drives you mad feel free give me a nudge. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. You and I are totally on the same page grammatically! I wish people had to pass a spelling test in order to tweet. Maybe we need a Twitter for grammar nerds. I actually added an extension to my browser that changes “who to follow” to the correct “whom to follow.” Things like that make me happy.


      2. RayKay57 says:

        Ha! Love that you have ‘whom to follow’. I don’t see the recommendations often so not as annoyed by it. Not saying I’m a grammar queen btw. I like to write the way I talk so grammar can be dodgy! I do like to spell ‘proper’ tho’ as a rule*…

        *Exceptions: Words I create that I feel are better suited. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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