Why I don’t blog

 Not in the strictest sense of the word ‘blog’, anyway. Web log. A log of the interesting things I do on a daily basis. A daily record that will draw you in and keep you hooked. A diary that you the reader, will hanker after until the next post. Nope. Impossible. My days are very similar. I could do one post, then just re-post (sort of like Jamiroquai albums, first one will do) after changing a few figures, but that would be annoying. This is not to say that I am unhappy with my lot. I’m not. I love my days and my work! But it’s probably a day and job that only I would love. Because I’m strange. 

So… These are the things I know…

  • I will wake, without an alarm clock, to the aroma of a steaming mug of coffee that my wonderful husband (hereafter called C) has placed on my bedside table.
  • I will shower & do a few ‘domestic’ jobs whilst C finishes his work on pc.
  • I will spend my morning processing & packaging overnight sales.
  • I will make lunch for us both.
  • I will get a little grumpy because C is late back for lunch.
  • I will eat lunch at my desk while having a peek at Twitter.
  • I will spend part of the afternoon doing paperwork & book keeping.
  • I will spend part of the afternoon doing web work.
  • I will stop work & do housework.
  • I will cook dinner whilst doing housework.
  • I will iron, eat, wash up, then crash.

And these are the things I don’t know… 

  • I may be tired after staying up all night watching live sport.
  • I may have to process 3 overnight items, I may have to process 30 which is the only variable in that part of my work.
  • I may then in turn, be processing into the afternoon, causing a domino effect with order of work.
  • I may have to battle with the cats every time I open a cupboard door. Oh. Wait. That should be on the ‘I will’ section…
  • I may have to actually leave the house at some point, but this is a rare occurrence thankfully.
  • I may have a visit from a human that isn’t C and have to drop everything. Again, a rare occurrence!
  • I may have to change out of the PJs I may have been wearing because we got a visit from a human. And yes, sometimes…
  • … I may shower then put PJs on. It’s my way of rebelling. I don’t have a lot of opportunity to rebel!

So folks, that’s pretty much my day and all days. Except weekends, just remove the ‘work’ work bit for that, add more sport and more crashing, more Twitter. 

My days are not very adventurous, but I love them. I don’t have children to keep me on my toes run me ragged. I love working from home, and being able to quickly pop the washing into the machine while working.  Or being able to start a one pot dinner. I love that the cats crash on the desk or in the office and that they are with me. I love that as C & I are our own boss, I can ring him if there is a spider and he will come home and deal with it as we really do have ‘the shop around the corner’, just without the hating each other and anonymous letters. And finally I love being able to listen to television or music whilst working, which is where most of my ‘ponders’, ‘ramblings’ and ‘rants’ come from!

Why I don’t blog

2 thoughts on “Why I don’t blog

  1. What I would give for a shop-around-the-corner convenience. I hate spiders. I would love for my spider-dealer-with-er to pop by when needed or for lunch every day. Sounds marvelous!


    1. RayKay57 says:

      It definitely is very convenient! For me at least… I can imagine C telling a customer “Sorry I have to go home & slay a spider…” 😉


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