Seeing Red

I started this particular ramble last year, but never got any further. Recent news has spurred me into finishing. 

Now. I don’t know if this is a British thing, but a section of people in the UK, of all ages, are vilified on a daily basis. The reason? Is it because they are bad people that hurt others and animals? Is it because they lie, cheat and steal? No. They are vilified because.. THEY HAVE RED HAIR. This ghast’s my flabber. Why is having a go at someone because of their hair colour any different to picking on them because of the colour of their skin? Do those people that heap outward scorn on red heads also do the same with those of a different skin colour? 

So for those that are rude to people solely due to appearance.. 

It’s NOT acceptable to pick on anyone because of the way they look and the sooner you get a handle on that the better. Put yourself in the position of these people. Imagine going through your entire education being called names as regularly as the sun rises. For something that is out of your control. Think if you will of having to ‘laugh off’ the teasing, or worse, bullying, your entire life. 

I don’t care what size you are, what colour you are, which way your face is arranged, what colour hair you have. If you are a good person, I will treat you as such. If you’re an idiot, I will say so. But only because you’re an idiot, not because of the colour of your hair. 

Personally, I think red hair is beautiful. And no, I don’t have it. Naturally I’m a brunette, unnaturally I’m a very unnatural purple!   

So anyway.. The reason I was spurred into finishing said ramble.. On the 27th of January 2013, on The Wright Stuff’s daily newspaper slot, it was revealed that couples can be offered a DNA test to see if they carry the ‘ginger gene’. 


So scientists will do the tests at a heritage show in February, under the guise of ancestry blah blah. This is all very interesting and scientific. But.. 

Does this worry anyone else? Where will it end? 

I think of China’s quest for having boys. I think of Hitler’s hankering for blonde hair blue eyes.. 

I understand when DNA is tested for serious illnesses/diseases etc. Many have been helped with extra knowledge, but this is purely aesthetic. 

Maybe I’m thinking about it too much. Maybe it’s harmless information. I though, find this development somewhat disturbing. I’m not going into what I think could happen, you can think of the possibilities yourself. I just know in my mind I feel some things are best left alone..

Seeing Red

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