The Invisible Woman

It’s about this time of year, that nearly every day, at about the same time, I get annoyed. My husband tells me to chill, take no notice. But I just cannot!

I do try to ignore it, but it seems impossible. I have asked husband to get rid of the evidence so I can remain blissfully ignorant, but he does not.

He thinks, I know, that it is a trivial thing. And that I am irrational. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not screaming or yelling or throwing stuff when I’m annoyed by this. I might comment & it’s probably written all over my face how I feel, but that’s the extent of my visible annoyance. Even I know that in the grand scheme of things, it’s very trivial.

At this point I should spill what it is that irks me so…

Festive greetings cards…

In particular cards sent by snail mail.

Not the card tho’. I love the cards. It’s the envelope. More specifically, the way the envelope has been addressed..

At this time of year it seems I cease to exist. I only exist through my husband… The evidence? The dreaded…

‘Mr & Mrs C *Surname*’

Aaaaaargh! Now, I’m not a raging feminist, but my name is not C. It’s bad enough being called Mrs. Yeah, I know I am married, I’m proud of it, but my name is Rachel. I don’t have a title. I’m not a ‘Lady’. or royalty. I’m just Rachel.

My husband says that this method of addressing the envelope ‘is the way it’s always been done’, well cavemen used to drag women around by the hair, women weren’t eligible to vote, we’ve moved on. Thankfully.

People! People should be treated as individuals! List them by name, or initial, it’s not hard. Also? Saves on ink! 3 characters instead of 7 in our case. I’m saving all of the envelope/label writers money!

But, I know this rant will fall on deaf ears. The people who write the heinous line probably don’t use a computer, & therefore will never see. So next year I will open the cards backwards. Hopefully problem solved!

Have a great festive season!

The Invisible Woman

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