Leaf it out!

I had an idea the other day. An idea that filled me with much excitement! I decided to create a Mexican salad. I got said idea after being told of an Asian salad, but didn’t have wonton wrappers. Mexican flavours are my favourite so I was chomping at the bit to put together this culinary masterpiece/disaster!

Now, my husband does a little shopping on a Saturday. I know, I’m lucky, but I do the ironing so we’re even!

I wrote a list of the  few fresh things we needed for this salad with strict instructions to check they had fresh coriander (cilantro) first because the dish would be impossible without.

When he arrived home I was pleased to see green foliage peeping out of the bag so thought no more of it.

So Sunday comes. We normally have a traditional roast. This is how excited I was. I was doing a salad for Sunday dinner!

I prepped odds & sods all day. Grilling corn kernels. Marinating chicken. Baking tortillas with cumin, and many, many other things. This. Was a labour of love.

When the time came I assembled the beautiful salad in all of its kaleidoscope glory, then we sat down to eat. One bite in I exclaimed “I forgot the coriander!” Dashing into kitchen, I ripped open the cellophane and stripped the plant of its leaves in about a minute. Phew. Panic over. How could I forget my most cherished ingredient?! Returning to my seat I passed C the bowl and waited impatiently to get my liberal sprinkle. All coriandered up I relaxed and tucked in. Thoughts were bouncing around my head.. “Chicken, yum. Lime, yum. Peppers, delish. Lettuce.. Lettuce tastes weird, &  it’s masking the coriander.. Stupid fancy lettuce that tastes weird..” I voiced my concerns to C.. “Lettuce tastes weird..”

“What sort of weird?”

“Musty.. Almost like.. Parsley..” 

We ate a few more bites. Eventually C ventured “the reason it tastes like parsley is not the lettuce. I must have picked up flat leaf parsley by mistake”

“Dude!” My ghast was totally flabbered!

Now. Let’s rewind. This way we can see how the coriander wannabe actually got on to my plate..

When C came home with shopping. Olympics was on, live. Yes NBC, live! Specifically the modern pentathlon. I love anything that ends in ‘athlon. So the green leaves peering out from the shopping bag were quickly lifted and plonked on the window sill without scrutiny.

I forgot the ‘coriander’ when I was dressing the salad. So the rescue mission was again conducted in haste. Any other day I would be using the method ‘one leaf for the salad, one leaf for me to munch’ & therefore would have tasted, and realised the mistake.

Was it my fault that karma kicked me so hard in the culinary butt? Should I have been less determined that this was going to be the salad to beat all salads?

Whatever the reason. I was hugely disappointed. I know, t’is ONLY a salad, but I dreamt of it for a lifetime days!

And now I HAVE to do it again, this irks me, I don’t do spending all day prepping a salad, but I will. Because I’m stubborn. And I love coriander!

Leaf it out!

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