Writing down laughter

It is often said that words often don’t communicate ‘enough’ in emails, etc. My husband always says he would rather talk to someone than email. I see his point, but when I joined Twitter, this was quickly disproved, by one particular tweep, laughing. This surprised me. It also impressed me. Greatly. To such an extent that I commented on it. 

It appears 140 characters does not hold some people back. You all probably know this, but I don’t do Facebook, or any other social networking site. And as a person that takes great delight in the small stuff, Twitter seemed ideal to me, and was somewhat of a revelation. 

So.. Back to laughter, and my impressions of a sound being expressed through writing. Here’s my giggle scale.. 


Imagine someone realising they’ve just won a fun argument. 


Your general laugh. Add ‘ha’ as necessary to convey level of mirth. 


This is mine (I think); Emphasis on the last ‘ha’ to me expresses delight. 


The explosive laugh. Ad ‘ha’ as necessary. 


A gentle little chuckle, imagine Santa’s laugh. 


The laugh that doesn’t quite get there, probably because you feel you might wet yourself, if it escapes. The laugh that is. Add ‘ki’ as required. 


As above, but with the explosive end. Again, add ‘ha’ & even ‘ki’ to express. Think Muttley at the start. 

Now, I wanted to provide evidence of my findings, I decided I would search online for laughter. I felt it was going to be difficult, and was not looking forward to finding nothing. Enter the lovely Alesha Dixon. I think the video provided pretty much covers the whole spectrum of laughs. If laughter were an Olympic sport, the gorgeous Alesha would get the gold! I dare you not to laugh. At her laugh… 🙂

Writing down laughter

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