It was two weeks (ish) after Xmas..

Happy 2012 everyone! 

This year is going to be a great year for me! Mainly because I will get to watch the Olympics without staying up all night. As mentioned in my Twitter profile, I am a girl that LOVES sport. When I say love, I mean it. I am dedicated to the sports I follow, so if the sport concerned is on in the middle of the night, I will be watching. I exist on a few hours sleep a night when the U.S & Australian open tennis is on. Ok, that’s 4 weeks a year, but what about the other sports I love, and there are quite a few others. Golf, athletics, cricket, snooker, darts & American football, to name but a few. I have specified AMERICAN football because I wouldn’t want anyone to mistakenly think I follow football (soccer). After all I am a SPORTS fan.. Being ‘sporting’ left British football some time ago.. But nobody turned the lights off. Shame. I supportEngland,Scotland,IrelandandWalesin the world cup but that’s as far as it goes. Apologies to football fans, just my opinion and I’m CLEARLY in the minority. 

Anyway this is not supposed to be sport related, just wanted you to know how excited I am that 2012 is here. YAY! 

So.. The festive period has been and gone. There will be no ‘Bah humbug’ here. I love Xmas & New year, but I don’t have rose tinted contact lenses in, as you will see from my likes/dislikes.. 

What I love about Xmas

  • Spending time with other half
  • Spending time with friends & family
  • Eating (not more of, just different) great food
  • Seeing the Xmas tree in all it’s glory
  • Watching Xmas movies. 

What I don’t like about Xmas

  • Preparing/cooking all of the food
  • Being on tree patrol, armed with water spray*
  • Hearing Xmas songs**
  • My favourite programmes being taken off, just when I have time to watch them. 

* The result of an epic fail with water spray..


What I love about New Year

  • Listening to OTHER peoples New Year resolutions
  • Bucking the trend & not making resolutions
  • The challenge of writing the year correctly on paperwork
  • I will, at some point, be married another year!

 What I don’t like about New Year

  • Listening to OTHER peoples New Year resolutions
  • Messing up writing the year on paperwork
  • I will, at some point, be another year older, booo. 

As you can see most of the pleasures do not come without some pain, but it’s not proper pain. So I’ll take it, and go through the whole thing at the end of this year.. 

I hope you all have a great year too!

** The Pogues and Kirsty McColl excluded

It was two weeks (ish) after Xmas..

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