I see colour (coordination)..

My then to be Husband should have realised things were going to be difficult when I wouldn’t let him have his favourite soap because it was the wrong colour.. I did compromise. I got him a soap dish that was the right colour, but he wouldn’t put the lid on it, so it was out with the soap, and in with matching shower gels, which were much better for his skin anyway! 

I suppose I call myself a colour fascist. EVERYTHING has to be colour coordinated, and this is never more obvious than during the festive period. I would love a real tree. But they don’t come in pink, black or grey. For many years we had a very good quality white one but this year we went over to the dark side and bought a new black tree, which is now adorned with pink and silver baubles etc. And the occasional black cat. At least she matches. If Squeeky, being torty/tabby climbed it I would NOT be happy! 

I am always grateful for any gifts given, but if they have the wrong coloured wrapping paper they are hidden under the ones that do match. Cards are a perpetual problem, they never match. Who decided red and green were festive colours, pink and silver are much prettier! 

Being this way creates many dilemmas. My French blue mugs look great in my black, white and French blue kitchen. But do I make guests drink their coffee there? My orange towels are great in the bathroom, but clash terribly when hung up to dry in my lilac bedroom. What about my bathrobe? Do I buy one that matches the bedroom? The bathroom? And be assured I do notice all this, but the rational side of me suggests that I should not go too far. I think they make programmes about people that only eat foods of a certain colour.. 

Another problem is when I choose my colour scheme, I don’t consider if it’s a ‘fashionable’ colour. For instance, in the bathroom the ‘sparkle’ was created by some VERY expensive glass mosaic tiles, in orange/terracotta hues. I loved these, but didn’t consider the colour. That was my starting point for the whole room. We bought a box and a half, which was all they had and, coincidentally, all we could afford. We then used a cheaper stone coloured tile as the main, with columns of the glass mosaic for a bit of bling. It looks spectacular. But when I needed to buy orange accessories it was very hard. Especially the flooring. We had to have a vinyl, but every shop had vinyl that was pretending to be something else. Pretending to be, wood, mosaic, tiles, etc. I wanted orange. I wanted it to scream “HEY, I’M AN ORANGE FLOOR!” I eventually found some industrial non slip stuff that is both orange AND sparkly. RESULT! A year or so after finishing the bathroom I notice orange starting to creep into homewares, so I like to think I am fashion forward, not a complete and utter nutter…

I see colour (coordination)..

4 thoughts on “I see colour (coordination)..

  1. Forget shows about people who only eat white food, I was to watch a show about color-coordinated folks like you! Plus, from the sound of it, I can use the decorating tips! 😉


    1. RayKay57 says:

      No.. I think you will be much more sanguine than I. I walk around in a permanent state of ‘head about to explode’ because the cat is in the wrong room!!


    1. RayKay57 says:

      But are they bathroom useful?! So far husb has seen ‘Lighter, toy lorry, teapot, & actual oranges’ and said, ooh they would match the bathroom :/ See, he’s coming round to my way of thinking.. Even if he’s not getting it right!!


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