Wave your thesaurus proudly..

As NaNoWriMo draws to a close, something that strikes me is that the undercurrent from writers participating is one of self doubt.

I did not participate in NaNoWriMo. It may just be a U.S thing, which gets me off the hook. I love to write, but I dip into it at very irregular intervals. I have started 3 ‘novels’, but that’s as far as it goes. I have written many a letter that has remained on my A4 pad. Gordon Brown felt my wrath, well, he would have done had I sent it. As did the London rioters.. Again, the long and reasoned plea remained in situ. I find writing cathartic, and just the act of venting at the then Prime Minister, or the many rioters, ‘getting it out’, and seeing it written down was enough to make me feel better. Subconsciously it could be that I fear offending ANYONE, no matter how much of an idiot I think they are being..

Anyway.. Getting back to the subject in hand. The self doubt. Many of the writers, it appears, have moments where they feel that what they are doing is ‘not enough’. One in particular is worried that they are not ‘contributing’, because they are striving to be a published author. Now, if there was a fabulous company called, say, Writers R We (of course, there never would be.. Spelling and grammar* is shocking) and they employed aspiring writers to, well, just write stuff. Would the aforementioned self doubter, still be a self doubter? Probably not, because they would be paid, and they would leave home to do it each day. The self doubter also worries that they may never be published, rendering previous endeavours fruitless. I say you WILL be published, somehow, and you WILL bring joy to many people.

Stay at home Mums have finally started to be recognised for the huge amount they contribute. We don’t hear very often now those heart breaking words “I’m JUST a housewife”.. So, stay at home ‘authors to be’ need to stand up, wave their thesauruses in the air and shout “I’M AN AUTHOR, HEAR ME ROAR”.

What is this to do with me? Why am I bothered? The reason is I empathise, and the reason I CAN empathise is because I work from home, and I do work. Pretty much full time hours, but I have a friend who once, during a sentence said “.. because you don’t work..”. I like to think I’m a grown up so I didn’t pull out her eyelashes, I gently corrected her, but was secretly VERY hurt. She will probably always think that though, because if I need to I can take a few hours off. She doesn’t see me catching up on work at midnight..

But this is the problem. Many (Not all, not tarring everybody with the same brush here!) people inherently believe, that, to work, you need to leave the house to do it. The fact that they ‘Leave home/Go to work/Leave work/Go Home’ apparently makes what they are doing more important. I disagree! We home workers are more economical, no petrol/gas to get to work.. We also save on clothes because if we so choose we can work in our pyjamas..

So, to all that go OUT to work, good Job! To all stay at home Mums, REALLY good job! To people who work from home, paid or not, what you do is important. Remember that!

*Don’t check MY grammar, you won’t like what you see..

Wave your thesaurus proudly..

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