I’m a ‘nelipot’.. Are you?

I don’t know how I happened upon the word ‘nelipot’ but I’m glad I did. It suits me perfectly! I am not a hard core nelipot, just indoors where it is relatively safe to be one… All one of you may be wondering what a nelipot is, and that’s ok, don’t feel as though you are lacking in vocabulary, because it is an antiquated or disused word. It may not even be in your dictionary..

So.. before you get bored and click away, a nelipot is ‘one who walks without shoes’, and that is me. Well.. in the comfort of my own home. I’ll never be as committed as Kenyan long distance runners, who are mostly always nelipots!

I love the feel of  cool tiles under my bare feet, or soft carpet.  But I don’t like standing on plug coversplug cover (See image) which are both Ember & Squeeky ‘s favourite toy, and I don’t like stubbing my toe. All of this is par for the course though, and my other half is constantly asking me to “put some shoes on, then it won’t happen!”

He has yet to realise that my being a nelipot actually ‘saved the day’ a few months ago..

We had a conservatory built off the kitchen, and as I stood in said kitchen shoeless and admiring the progress, I thought to myself “Wow! The conservatory really does make the kitchen warmer, lovely and snug under my feet” Upon relaying this to my other half he looked at me as if to say “You studied Electronic Engineering yet you really thought that??” At which point he started doing some investigations…

We had already been given the odd clue that something may be amiss. The major one being we kept running out of hot water. I could often be heard saying “Please sort out the water heater, we should ALWAYS have hot water, it’s 2011!!”

Anyway.. Further investigation provided the answers, we had a HUGE leak in the hot water pipe, basically a mini river, and when the conservatory was built the water took a different route, and was building up under the kitchen floor! Hence the toasty feet!

I don’t wish to gloat but had I not been a nelipot it might have been a lot worse before we realised something was wrong, as my husband is definitely not a nelipot..

I’m a ‘nelipot’.. Are you?

2 thoughts on “I’m a ‘nelipot’.. Are you?

  1. I am a nelipot too. I cannot stand wearing shoes and socks if I don’t have to. So, I stick to nelipotting (sorry, annoying US habit of turning nouns into verbs) in the comfort of my own home too. Thanks for the new word! Love it!


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